VIDEO: Football Americano Argentina (FAA) League Forges Ahead

The Football Americano Argentina (FAA) League has wound up its first month of play in 2016 with exciting action. On one side, the Osos Polares defeated the Cruzados 13-6 in overtime. On the other, Tiburones beat the Legionarios 33-0. In week 4, Corsarios defeated Osos Polares 21-16 while Tiburones did the same to Jabalies 13-0.


Argentina - FAA - Week 3 Osos Polares (Blue) & Cruzados (Green) (1)

Osos Polares 13 – Cruzados 6

The first game of the day was between Cruzados and Osos Polares, with a threatening sky above the field. The emotions were brought by both QBs. First Osos quarterback Mathias Crespi opened the score, leaving Osos 7-0 ahead, and then Joaquin Perez Curiel of the Cruzados tied the match at 6-6, a score which lasted until the end of regulation time.

During the second overtime, on the final drive, a fumble recovered by Martin De Negri gave Osos the victory, after he took it to the end zone.

Tiburones 33 – Legionarios 0

In the second game, Tiburones defeated a hurting Legionarios team 33-0. The yellow team, who had to play without their starting QB, could not stop Tiburones, that obtained the victory through the TD`s of who had touchdowns from Mariano Smilasky, Agusto Bazán, Guillermo Herrera, Blas Lux y Mariano and Romero Sturtz. This was the second win for Tiburones, and the second loss for the Legionarios.




Argentina - FAA - Week 4 Tiburones (Red) & Jabalies (White) (1)

Corsarios 21 – Osos Polares 16

The defending champions, Corsarios, had a tough rival in Osos, which found a way to stop most of the QB runs, their main weapon. The score was opened by Osos after Mathias Crespi ran into the end zone with the ball. After this, Corsarios took the lead thanks to their receiver Maximiliano Romoli,  their QB Federico Poy and their RB Gonzalo Musso. Osos replied immediately after a TD on a kick off return by Luis Cigarruista. Alfonso Mejia kicked a field goal to finish the scoring.

Tiburones 13 – Jabalies 0

In the second game, Tiburones faced Jabalies, in a match well played by the Jabalies defense that was able to stop both the air and ground attack from Tiburones in the first half, which could not rely on 2015 MVP Augusto Bazan.

Despite this, the match changed in the second half when the physical difference allowed Tiburones to open the score, first through ground attack, led by Matias Bezruk, and after through the air, with Fabio Garibaldi finishing the scoring on a TD reception.


After Week 4 of the Football Americano Argentina (FAA) League, we have now two leaders, Tiburones and Corsarios, with three victories each and 0 matches lost, followed by Osos Polares and Jabalies, with one victory each. At the bottom of the table, Cruzados and Legionarios have yet to win a game.



By Cristhian Villalba