VIDEO: France’s Elite Reach Mid-Season; Cougars Top Black Panthers, Argos Beat Flash

David Bellaiche (156 yards and a touchdown), stood out for the Cougars in their win against the Black Panthers (© Lupy Persiani)

As France’s Elite FFFA Championship arrives at its mid-season point, week 5 of the top division delivered a great show.

We start with the match from Sunday, March 22 that pitted the Cougars aginst the Black Panthers. In Nice, the Dauphins hosted the Molosses.

The outcome of the two meetings are summarized on video by Vox Stadium below.

Recap by Vox Stadium’s Marion Santiago:

Rights: FFFA / Images: Panthers TV – TV / Direction & Commentary: Marion Santiago

 Saint-Ouen-L’Aumône Cougars 45
Thonon-les-Bains Black Panthers 37

Scoring Summary:

TDs Cougars: Tanner Price (2), David Rosette, Bellaiche David, Jean-Michel Da Moura, Jefferson Alexander
TDs Black Panthers: Milton Knox Jr (3), Billy Greene, Alexander Cara

Full Replay of the Match:

ELITE 2015 : St-Ouen l’Aumône vs Thonon Black… by blackpanthers-football

Nice Dauphins 18
Asnieres-sur-Seine Molosses 15

Scoring Summary:

TDs Dauphins: Andrew James, Vincent Dauchy Kevin Helios
TDs Molosses: Auxane Thouary Alexander Laruel


Nîmes Centurions 20
Elancourt Templiers 22

In the next match of week 5, the Centurions received the Templiers at Stade Kaufman in Nimes. This was an important meeting as both of these teams are in need of wins. In a tough fought first half in the pouring rain, Elancourt was the first to open the scoring with running back Alexander Tsassong (163 yards, 1 TD). The Centurions, who began the game badly, caught up with an air attack. Quarterback Blake Robles found tight end Benjamin Weischedel in the endzone, drawing the score even at 7-7. Although very solid on defense, it was the Templiers who managed to double down the Centurions powerful running back Freddy Marcin. It was finally their offensive squad that gave on the Centurions. Avoiding defenders, Robles will lost the ball in his own end zone and conceded a safety. These two points will be fatal to the Centurions.

France's Elite

Photo: Jose Ramon

As the game wore on, the Templiers quarterback Zach Shaw (191 yards passing, 2 TD) will score two touchdowns making the score 13-22. And although the Centurions managed to reduce the score through Julien Senmartin, it will not be enough to avoid a fourth straight defeat. Final score: 20-22.

Scoring Summary:

Templiers scoring: Zach Shaw (2 TD), Alexander Tsassong (TD), Amory Domingues (Safety), Mamadou Traore (2 PAT)
Centurions scoring: Benjamin Weischedel (TD), Freddy Marcin (TD), Julien Senmartin (TD), Guillaume Courtois (2 PAT)

Aix-en-Provence Argonautes 26
Flash de la Courneuve 15

In the last, but not least, match of the weekend, the Flash was traveled to Aix-en-Provence to play for the famous Ballard Bowl trophy, a symbolic award between the two most successful teams in the Elite championship. During the first quarter, a muffed punt recpetion by the Flash’s returner Marcus Shaw allowed the Argonautes to jump out to a 6-0 when Jesse Kirstatter scored for the Argos. The PAT was no good.

The Flash answered with a long completion from quarteback Paul Durand to Mickael Doukouré (3 catches/61 yards), who then found Kevin Mwamba a few plays later for touchdown. The point after by Selim Ziane was good and the Flash took the lead (6-7). But when the Argonautes get going they are hard to stop, and conducted their next drive excellently and concluded it again with a score by Jesse Kirstatter. The conversion failed. At the break, the Argos lead 12-7.

After the half, the Flash will still show undisciplined play (90-yard penalties, 3 turnovers), allowing the Argonautes offense to add to the their lead, 23-7. Up against the wall, the Flash put a good drive capped off by a Marcus Shaw TD run. The two-point conversion is attempted and successful thanks to another Durand-Mwamba connection. Down 23-15, La Courneuve had the opportunity to tie the game following a bad possession by Aix. Unfortunately for the Flash, the Argos star of game Kirstatter will again step up, but this time on defense with an interception, his second of the game. This turnover was too much for the Flash and Kenneth Suhl‘s team from Aix added a field goal to seal the victory and claim the 2015 Ballard Bowl. Final Score: 26-15.

France's Elite

Jesse Kirstatter Photo: Jose Ramon

Scoring Summary:

Markers Argonauts: Jesse Kirstatter (2 TD, two-point PAT), Geoffrey Lewis (1 TD), Alexandre Toumi Bradley (2 FG)
Markers Flash: Kevin Mwamba (TD, two-point PAT), Marcus Shaw (1 TD), Selim Ziane (1 PAT)


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