Video: Rating the Wroclaw Panthers Class of 2024 imports

The Wroclaw Panthers are one of the founding franchises of the European League of Football and one of the most successful. The Panthers have reached the playoffs in two of the three years.

Credit for this success has to be given to the team’s front office; they have done an excellent job of finding talent at certain positions . Offensive lineman Keanu Ebanks, wide receiver Tony Tate, and current Dallas Cowboys wide receiver KaVontae Turpin are three of a number of excellent signings in the past. So, going into 2024 the Panthers made it clear that they wanted to not only compete for a championship, but they wanted to come back to Poland with the trophy itself.

The American import spots are interesting. Special teams stud Devan Burrell will line up as corner but also as the best return specialist in the league. To have his turnover ability and return prowess in one package is a steal.

AJ Wentland, the tackling machine will anchor in the middle linebacker position and provide a lot of impact in the run game. The addition of GFL star quarterback Steven Duncan
is a massive sign of their championship ambitions. He has a huge arm that can stretch the whole field and give American receiver, Matt Cole a lot of opportunities. Speaking of Matt Cole, the speedster has spent legitimate time on NFL fields, giving him an advantage over practically every single player in the ELF history.

Europeans are spread out with offense still in mind. Keanu Ebanks is one of, if not, the best European offensive lineman in the league today. Next to him is going to be one of the best offensive linemen from South America as Otavio Amorim returns for another season in Wroclaw. The guard is going to be a huge part of their run game going forward. In the run game, they have also added to their backfield with the signing of Gennadiy Adams. He has had his A import (American) position changed to an E (European) for the 2024 season thanks to his European heritage. While confusing, it is the reality, and he is an excellent back who can contribute all over the offense for the Panthers.

Tight end Adria Botella Moreno is the last of the imports on offense but is certainly not the least. Three seasons have produced three all-star selections. Moreno is the best receiving tight end in the league and has a great skill set that has seen him achieve vast success. Swedish safety William James returns to the team. He is a player who has a reputation for creating turnovers and can easily come down and play linebacker like he has in the past. He is a true defensive weapon who is vastly underrated and will be a massive piece for the Panthers. To conclude the European imports, defensive end Dušan Novaković is lightning fast off the snap, he has fast hands and has been incredibly underrated in the last season or two. I can’t wait to see him improve this season.