Who are the Top 10 Fastest NFL Players?

The list of the Top 10 fastest players in the NFL perhaps doesn’t hold any surprises if you are a devoted fan.

NFL Top 10 has compiled the list based on 2017 performances and there are a couple of team errors. As one viewer pointed out, Marquise Goodwin now plays for the San Francisco 49ers.

Nevertheless, the speed of these players is astounding and makes you appreciate the pure athleticism of today’s football players.

Interestingly, NFL Top 10 also added speed in MPH, miles per hour, along with the typical 40 yard dash times, which in some cases were not that impressive.

So check out this list. You most certainly will have your own opinions.

The list includes Brandin Cooks, who is now with the Los Angeles Rams, Ted Ginn Jr of the New Orleans Saints, Todd Gurley, LA Rams, DeSean Jackson, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Patrick Peterson, Arizona Cardinals, Odell Beckham, New York Giants, Martavis Bryant, Pittsburgh Steelers, Leonard Fournette, Jacksonville Jaguars, Julio Jones, Atlanta Falcons, Marquise Goodwin, Kansas City Chiefs and of course Tyreek Hill from the Kansas City.

Speeds listed range from 20.31 mph up to 22.05 mph. You’ll have to watch the video to find out who has the fastest speeds.

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