American Football Thriving in Argentina

[tps_title]American Football Thriving in Argentina[/tps_title]

Like many other countries in Latin America and throughout the world, Argentina has seen American football make significant strides over the past decade or so.

Currently the four biggest cities in ArgentinaBuenos Aires, Córdoba, Rosario, and Mendoza – have organized teams/leagues playing tackle football:

Although each city has its own history, the initial stage for all of them was a group of enthusiasts meeting together informally to play flag football and then growing from there.

Buenos Aires

cruzados vs tiburones

Cruzados vs. Tiburones, Tazón Austral X

Since Buenos Aires is the capital city, and almost 50% of all Argentines live in and around the metropolitan Buenos Aires area, it is no surprise that the city has the longest trajectory of American football in the country and also has  the most developed league.

Currently there are six teams in Buenos Aires and they play a tournament in late October and early November every year, the final game of which determines the champion.   Called the “Tazón Austral” (Southern Bowl) it was first held in 2005. Winners of that initial event were the Tiburones who defeated the Osos Polares. The other two teams competing in the league in 2005 were the Cruzados and the Jabalíes.

In 2006 a fifth team was formed, the Corsarios, and the sixth team to join the league was the Legionarios, in 2007.

They play 9 man football, with the rules being basically the same as 11-on-11, minus two linemen. In the latest championship game, Tazón Austral X, the Cruzados beat the Tiburones 27-0, winning their fourth championship.

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Scott Jackson

Scott Jackson is originally from Dallas, Texas and currently resides in Córdoba, Argentina. Scott is one of the founders of the league there.

  • Fleder

    Hi! Great article!

    I just want to remark that “Flag Bowl” doesn’t refer to flag football. It’s because Rosario is the city where the Argentinian flag was created.

    What Argentina (and most countries around the so called “third world”) needs is NFL support. With a very small amount of money, the NFL could start to develop the sport around the world, and make it available for all kind of people.

    It’s more expensive than basketball and/or baseball, but you could see the Latinos playing it at NBA and MLB.

  • scott jackson

    Thanks Fleder. I knew the reason for the name of the bowl, I just didnt have enough space to put in all of those explanations and didnt want to get too side tracked from the main article. Yes, I agree, outside support will be a huge factor in determining how fast american football will grow in Argentina, but at the same time, we need to continue to work hard, be creative, and stay organized and not just hope some huge help comes from someone else. But, yes, there is a big market here.

  • Ignacio Colautti

    Great article. Thank you for support.
    Check the links at the end. They don’t work.

  • Hi Ignacio! Thanks for your readership! We have fixed the links at the end of the article. Please let us know if you need any more information.

  • Thanks for your readership Ignacio! We have fixed the links at the end of the article. Please let us know if you need any further information.

  • Kalvin

    Great article Scott! I’m a canadian living in Mendoza, currently playing quarterback for Redlions. Theres nothing that we want more than a fully organized league involving the whole country and we are working hard to achieve that goal. Thanks for sheading some light on whats going on.

  • Sabrina Mike Powell

    Hi Scott,
    I have an off topic question for you, sorry but when I read your article I figured maybe being an American who lives in Cordoba, you could give me a tip!
    My husband and I will be in Cordoba on September 8th and I’m having a hard time finding a bar where we could watch the openning game. Would you recommend a bar where you usually watch NFL games? Thank you so much and go Broncos! 🙂

  • scott jackson

    Hi, thanks for the comment. There arent too many die-hard NFL fans here, most of the guys who follow the NFL meet in homes to watch the games. I believe they are televising more and more games over ESPN and Fox sports, you may want to check with the local cable or Directv providers to make sure they are going to broadcast it, I am sure they have scheduling on their websites. As far as sports bars similar to the ones in the USA, you wont find places like that in Cordoba. Sometimes what I do if I have something I really want to watch I go to a neighborhood coffee shop or restaurant that is not too packed and then ask them if they would turn it on the channel that I request. If you need more info or whatever, shoot me an email scottinargentina (at) gmail I will actually be in the USA at that time.

  • Sabrina Mike Powell

    Hi Scott, thank you so much for getting back to us.
    So we found this bar called St. Andrews and they say thay can show if the game is on Directv. We also got a hotel room with ESPN, Fox and wirelless internet as a back up plan, since my husband also has the NFL ticket, so we should be fine. God forbid he’d miss that game!
    Thanks a lot and have a nice trip.

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