American Football Thriving in Argentina

[tps_title]American Football Thriving in Argentina[/tps_title]


cordoba football league dragons vs Cenatauros

Centauros vs. Dragones, 2014)

As for Córdoba, a small group began getting together to play flag football in 2006, with the goal of playing, learning about, and spreading the news of American football.

In 2007 they started playing tackle football and in 2008 formed a league of three teams: Centauros, Coyotes, and Dragones.

For several years the teams played 7-on-7, but started playing 9-on-9 in 2014. The champions of the league in Córdoba in 2014 were the Centauros, winning their first trophy.

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Scott Jackson is originally from Dallas, Texas and currently resides in Córdoba, Argentina. Scott is one of the founders of the league there.