American Football Thriving in Argentina

[tps_title]American Football Thriving in Argentina[/tps_title]

Like many other countries in Latin America and throughout the world, Argentina has seen American football make significant strides over the past decade or so.

Currently the four biggest cities in ArgentinaBuenos Aires, Córdoba, Rosario, and Mendoza – have organized teams/leagues playing tackle football:

Although each city has its own history, the initial stage for all of them was a group of enthusiasts meeting together informally to play flag football and then growing from there.

Buenos Aires

cruzados vs tiburones

Cruzados vs. Tiburones, Tazón Austral X

Since Buenos Aires is the capital city, and almost 50% of all Argentines live in and around the metropolitan Buenos Aires area, it is no surprise that the city has the longest trajectory of American football in the country and also has  the most developed league.

Currently there are six teams in Buenos Aires and they play a tournament in late October and early November every year, the final game of which determines the champion.   Called the “Tazón Austral” (Southern Bowl) it was first held in 2005. Winners of that initial event were the Tiburones who defeated the Osos Polares. The other two teams competing in the league in 2005 were the Cruzados and the Jabalíes.

In 2006 a fifth team was formed, the Corsarios, and the sixth team to join the league was the Legionarios, in 2007.

They play 9 man football, with the rules being basically the same as 11-on-11, minus two linemen. In the latest championship game, Tazón Austral X, the Cruzados beat the Tiburones 27-0, winning their fourth championship.

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Scott Jackson is originally from Dallas, Texas and currently resides in Córdoba, Argentina. Scott is one of the founders of the league there.