American Football Thriving in Argentina

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cordoba aguilas vs buenos aires patricios 3 2014

Córdoba Águilas vs. Buenos Aires Patricios,

In addition to these cities with their respective leagues, other inter-city games are played.

Every year since 2009, players selected from Córdoba called the “Águilas,” face a team from Buenos Aires, called the “Patricios.” The Águilas of Córdoba have only taken one victory, in 2013. The game between these two teams is called the “Tazón del Centro” and Patricios won in 2014 with a score of 41 to 7.

The Córdoba Águilas also began to play a yearly match vs. a selection of players from Rosario, the Rosario team being named the Samurais. In the first match between them, the Córdoba Águilas won 16 – 7.

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Scott Jackson is originally from Dallas, Texas and currently resides in Córdoba, Argentina. Scott is one of the founders of the league there.