5 More Players I Expect to be in the 2024 European League of Football

In response to the overwhelmingly positive feedback to the original “Players I expect to be in the 2024 European League of Football”, I have assembled a second list.

This rendition will be made up solely of German Football League players, with the idea being that the concept can be expanded into different leagues to encapsulate more player options within the continent. As this is part two then, it needs little introduction.

Without further ado, let’s get straight into it.

Jaylon Henderson – Quarterback – Potsdam Royals


As the quarterback of the reigning champions of the GFL, the Potsdam Royals, it is no surprise that Henderson will be one of, if not the most, approached player from the GFL to make the jump. Many teams in the league struggled to find their key signal caller in 2023 and as is the most obvious point in football history, the quarterback is the hardest position to fill. Henderson, however, seems to be blue chip prospect. The former Boise State and Panasonic Impulse (Japan’s X-League) star is no stranger to winning games. With many teams still having open spots at the position, his will undoubtedly  be the most anticipated move this offseason. His season was one of excellence, and his poise, accuracy, mobility, and mental processing were all on display during the Royals championship run.

D’Wayne Obi – Running Back – New Yorker Lions

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Photo: New Yorker Lions

One of the GFL’s leading rushers was the subject of substantial praise in his rookie season. Obi fits the One-Cut-back archetype, but also possesses blocking ability and physicality between the tackles that would have him thrive as a featured back in the ELF. While at the New Yorker Lions he rushed for 1,266 yards with 10 touchdowns, with a staggering 6.5 yards per carry and he opened the season with one of the most successful streaks of opening games in the last 10 years for the GFL. At 6’0, 240 pounds, he has the rare size that is going to wear down defenses over the course of the game. Paired with his athletic ability in balance, body control and speed, and you have a scary package for any defense in Europe. With Obi only being 25 years old, he has a lot of gas still left in the tank and minimal wear and tear on his body.

Monteze Latimore – Cornerback – Schwäbisch Hall Unicorns

Monteze Latimore scoring on an interception. Photo Credit: Sara Phillip

Monteze Latimore is fairly unanimously a top level player. He has been a Unicorn for a number of years now and was one of the few players who didn’t make the jump to the Stuttgart Surge at the beginning of the last preseason. He led the 2023 German Football League season in interceptions with 11 total on the season. Creating turnovers is a factor every defense needs but very few were able to consistently capitalize on. He also notched eight in 2021 so there is evidence that he can do it as a key part of the defense. The American defensive back is a staple of every team because of the athletic ability and experience that isn’t as commonly found in European players in the position. There were many in the league that came in for a few games and went that were not to the same level as Latimore. If he wishes, he may well have his pick of the bunch after his sustained success.

Robby Rowell – Quarterback – Saarland Hurricanes

Photo: Saarland Hurricanes

Rowell was introduced to the masses following his success in the GFL season with Saarland. However, my first introduction was during the 2023 BUCS final (Great Britain) when he was the catalyst to a successful Nottingham offense that featured a number of talented players. His mobility was on show then, but in Saarland he took it to the next level. Collecting 995 rushing yards and 15 touchdowns in a debut season would be admirable for a running back, let alone a quarterback. He was top five in the following categories: completions, completion %, passing yards, passing yards per game, rushing yards per game, passing touchdowns, rushing touchdowns and pass efficiency. In addition, he led Saarland, a team who historically hasn’t been a big contender in the league, to a 9-3 season. If this isn’t enough to convince a team that he is worth a shot in the ELF, then there isn’t much that can. Teams that prioritize a mobile quarterback are aplenty in the ELF. Rowell should be the next one up.

Tommy Wilson – Wide Receiver – Dresden Monarchs

Photo: Anastasia Goncharova

We cannot talk about athletic potential in Europe without mentioning Tommy Wilson. Wilson has a strong claim to be the fastest player in all of Europe with his 4.27 lasered 40 in the preseason at the Milano Seamen combine. The former track athlete made the transition to football relatively recently. He spent one season with the Oxford Saints before moving onto the Dresden Monarchs team for his first European opportunity. It’s safe to say he very much took advantage of this opportunity amassing 1,161 yards receiving and 16 touchdowns. In particular, Wilson was a big weapon towards the end of the season where he accumulated 612 yards in the last five games of the season, including two games on the eventual championship attendees. The inexperience at a high level may have deterred teams in 2023, but now he has proved he can match up with GFL talents, teams will undoubtably have him on the preseason short lists.

In summary…

As always, making this next stage of the players I expect to be in the ELF was a pleasure to do. This was requested heavily, and I am greatly appreciative of the support. There are many more players that could see themselves in the ELF uniforms, so perhaps a part three could be in the works.

Until next time.