5 tips to beginning a workout program

When beginning a workout program, whether it be an exercise or a weight regimen, the hardest thing sometimes is just getting started.

Not sure what to do? Need some motivation? There are simple steps that can be taken to go down the right path.
Andy Haley on Stack.com recently shared the following tips for people just starting out with a workout program.

  • Set goals. Figuring out why you’ve decided to start training will determine how well you train. Set specific goals to ensure every workout and exercise support your ultimate one, whether it’s to build strength, speed, endurance or agility.
  • Establish rules. Working out regularly is difficult. It takes a lot of time and effort, and our schedules are buys.Setting the ground rules early will put you in a successful mindset. One popular set of rules to follow is the DICE method, which focuses on desire, intensity, consistency and effort.
  • Find a training program. Finding success with a workout is almost impossible without having a training program in place. Do your best to lay out everything you plan to accomplish and how long you anticipate it will take you to achieve your desired goals.
  • Test yourself. Before jumping into a regimen, be sure that you’ve tested yourself physically to see where your stamina is. This also can help identify certain weaknesses, which may limit a workout results or worse, lead to injuries.
  • Push yourself but not too much. Muscles need to be challenged as that is the only way to get bigger and stronger. But on the flipside, doing additional exercises outside of your training program may end up putting too much stress on your body and will ultimately impair progress. It is of the utmost importance to find the right balance.

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Clay Cunningham writes for USA Football.