AFI Live: Special China Edition – Sunday, Aug. 9, 4p CET (10a ET)

This week’s country edition of AFI Live on Asia will cover the opening of the new season in China with coaches or representatives from the CNFL.

Five players/representatives will be joining us – Wallace Li from the Shanghai Titans, Leona Lin of the Foshan Tigers, Ben O’Neill , Hong Kong Cobras, Jiawei “Cuz” Chan of the new Shanghai Storm and Nick “Church” Feng of the Beijing Barbarians as well as our correspondent Allen Hu who is also with the Chinese National Football League. We will discuss the upcoming Chinese National Football League season which kicks off mid August and what life has been like trying to prepare for a historic, “post COVID-19 lockdown” season.

This is a very special and historic show in that China’s National League will be the first men’s American football league in Asia to play since the pandemic struck in mid March.

So please tune in for this episode of AFI Live on Facebook Sunday, August 9 at 4 pm Central European Time (10 am Eastern Daylight Time, 10 pm in China). We want to hear your thoughts on this topic.

Our panel – John McKeon, Kaleb Leach and Roger Kelly – will be on hand to ask questions and hopefully answer questions as we discuss everything from how the conronavirus situation has affected football in China and the world to the roster changes and everything related to the teams in final preparations for the long-awaited season.

Wherever you are in the world, we want to hear from you Sunday, August 9 at 10 am Eastern (4 pm CET, 10 pm in China)

Please don’t hesitate to jump in on the discussion.

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