AFI’s All-Europe Team: The Full Squad

In case anyone missed it, throughout December we presented our picks at each position for the AFI All-Europe Team.

Throughout the year, leagues in Spain, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Poland, Austria, Hungary, Romania, Norway, and the Ukraine have played a season of football as has the new European League of Football, all of which have been delayed and shortened due to the pandemic. American Football International has shown many of the games

We have watched as many games as possible, but we know we have missed some due to leagues that either did not show all the games or did not publicize the fact that they were showing them. So, we apologize to deserving candidates from leagues with difficult-to-watch games. We did consult with coaches, but we are aware there are no doubt worthy candidates who were not on our lists.

Anyway, from all that game film, we have selected a 22-man squad.

This has not been an easy task and our six-man panel which includes ex NFL, NCAA, and European elite players, has devoted many, many hours in trying to decide the best player at each position. Our depth chart was four to six men deep at some positions. The discussions and arguments for and against for each position were at times lively, long and drawn out.

You may not agree with all our picks. We understand that.

There were many players left off that could easily have been chosen. But that’s the reality of putting together an all-star team of players from all over Europe.

With this, we are proud to present our entire, 25-man (including special teams) AFI All-Pandemic Team!

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Head Coach

Marc Mattioli, Parma Panthers


QB: Kyle Carta-Samuels, Dresden Monarchs

WR: Weston Carr, Kiel Baltic Hurricanes

WR: Darrell Adams, Graz Giants

WR/TE: Adria Botella Moreno, Hamburg Sea Devils

WR: Jean Constant, Barcelona Dragons

RB: Madre London, Cologne Centurions

OL: Joachim Christensen, Frankfurt Galaxy

OL: Yasir Raji, Potsdam Royals

OL: Keanu Ebanks, Hamburg Sea Devils

OL: Basil Weber, Kuopio Steelers

OL: Nick Wiens, Cologne Centurions


DB: Joshua Poznanski, Frankfurt Galaxy

DB: Monteze Latimore, Schwäbisch Hall Unicorns

DB: Chaz Elder, Saarland Hurricanes

DB: Darius Robinson, Wroclaw Panthers, Las Rozas Black Demons

LB: Sebastian Gauthier, Frankfurt Galaxy

LB: Thomas Schnurrer, Graz Giants

LB: Darin Hungerford, Kiel Baltic Hurricanes

DL: Kyle Kitchens, Leipzig Kings

DL: Aslan Zetterberg, Leipzig Kings

DL: Jan-Phillip Bombek, Hamburg Sea Devils

DL: Adedayo Odeleye, Berlin Thunder

Special Teams

K: Phillip Friis Andersen, Hamburg Sea Devils

P: Jacob Templar, Leipzig Kings

KR: Alpha Jalloh, Leipzig Kings

AFI All-Europe Team (click to enlarge image)

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