Belgium: Limburg Shotguns declared champions amid boycott controversy

Following discussions with the two teams that have boycotted any further play in the Belgian American Football League (BAFL) post season including the Belgian Bowl – the Brussels Tigers and the Brussels Black Angels – the BAFL has proclaimed the Limburg Shotguns, the 2021 champions.

The board of the BAFL has issued a statement:

On Tuesday, BAFL, the Brussels Black Angels and the Brussels Tigers had a first discussion following the boycott and suspended activities. In a very constructive spirit, the three parties were able to note a common will to improve relations and prevent the situations that led to this dispute from recurring in the future. Therefore, they decided to work together in this direction.

However, the Black Angels have informed us that they are forfeiting the Belgian Bowl. This means that for the shortened 2021 season, the Limburg Shotguns have been declared champions. We would like to congratulate them on this title, although it is unfortunate that the season had to end this way.

We sincerely regret that all efforts to organize the Belgian Bowl came to nothing, but unfortunately, we could not find a Belgian team willing to play against the Shotguns, even for a gala match. Given the exceptional situation of the last few weeks, the Board has yet to determine how the already paid and/or non-refundable costs incurred by the Shotguns in organizing the Belgian Bowl (based on evidence submitted to BAFL) will be covered.

As the BAFL Board, it is always a delicate matter to support Football in Belgium and ensure that the rules are followed. We accept the criticism that some rules are open to interpretation, and we are committed to working with all teams to ensure that the 2022 rules are adapted and reviewed by all teams. Once this is done, we can begin to establish a calendar for the 2022 season.

In light of this calm, positive meeting, willingness to work together and non-applicability, the threat of suspension of the Black Angels and Tigers is no longer an issue. We are not yet where we would like to be, but the board is confident that we can continue to improve our communication and cooperation with the teams in the coming weeks and months.
If there are any questions or comments, the board is of course open to hearing them. As always, we look forward to any constructive criticism we will receive.

BAFL board

For a background to the controversial situation and decision, read previous articles with stories from the Limburg Shotguns, Brussels Tigers and the BAFL.

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