Best Comebacks in NFL History

Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love witnessing an NFL team claw their way back from a seemingly impossible deficit? It’s inspiring, it’s engaging, and according to RF365, there can be some pretty insane odds to be found when backing a team who is so far down. Of course, there are more remarkable things that happen in football than just a great comeback, but this is what we will be focusing on throughout this short read.

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Now, without further ado, let’s take a trip down memory lane and look at some of the best NFL comebacks of all time. We still can’t believe some of these comeback stories today!

Check Out These Remarkable Feats!

Patriots Beating Falcons – 2017 Super Bowl

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Most of you reading this probably witnessed this game, and boy, what an incredible performance it was. In the Super Bowl Championship game, the Atlanta Falcons were absolutely all over the New England Patriots. It seemed destined that the Atlanta Falcons would be crowned Super Bowl kings, right up until there were 8 minutes and 31 seconds left of the third quarter.

To this day people still debate whether the Falcons simply folded under pressure, or whether the Patriots just stepped it up a notch. We wouldn’t like to say, but one thing we are sure of is that this comeback was simply remarkable. Tom Brady notched up a Super Bowl record with 466 passing yards, and James White secured 14 receptions.

What’s more incredible about this comeback is that the New England Patriots were actually trailing for the entire game. This was the case right up until the winning touchdown was scored, and the victory secured Tom Brady as one of the most prolific captains in NFL history.

Bills Comeback Against Oilers – 1993

We have to wind the clock back a little further for this one – all the way back to 1993 in fact. While the comeback shown by the Patriots above might be the most exciting comeback in history, this one is by far the most impressive. In 1993, the Buffalo Bills overcame an incredible 32 point deficit when they defeated the Houston Oilers. The gap was so extreme in the game that many Bills fans simply left the stadium halfway through!

This game was all the more dramatic as it was played in freezing conditions on January 3rd, in New York of all places. The Bills were outscored 21-0 in the second quarter of the game before amassing 23 points in Q3 and then forcing overtime in Q4. Ultimately, the Bills took the victory by posting up just 3 points in overtime, and the victory has been hailed as ‘The Comeback’ ever since.

To this day it is still the largest comeback in NFL history. Oh, and we almost forgot, Buffalo Bills did start returning to the stadium once they heard on the radio that their team was making such a huge comeback!

Colts Top Chiefs by 1 Point – 2013 Wild Card Round

Closely following the insane comeback shown by the Bills above, we have this comeback from 2013. In this one, the Indianapolis Colts overcame a 28 point deficit to beat the Kansas City Chiefs in what was the second-largest comeback in the NFL to this day. The Colts actually trailed by 21 points at half time, and 28 points in the third quarter.

However, as the clock was slowly ticking away, the Colts went into overdrive and simply obliterated the Chiefs from then on. They actually outscored their opponents by 35-6 for the rest of the game, which is sheer dominance by anyone’s standards. The best part of it all is that through all of this grit and determination, the Colts ultimately won by just 1 point.

Needless to say, the comeback was impressive, but the drama of the games end just made this one a classic.

Final Thoughts

As we can probably all agree, these three games were all incredible. The heart and determination of the players involved in these games was just staggering, and the standard of football that was displayed during these games will forever remain in our memory. Who knows, as the NFL years roll by we might see even greater comebacks than these?

Only time will tell, but that is what makes the NFL so exciting to watch, as truly anything can happen in these games!

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