Bulldogs Game towards Mainland China for Next Season: Stats on Athletic Director

Even though the People’s Republic of China is much alienated for 6-3 footer 224 pounds Grant Kraemer, he seems to know quite a bit about it. Technically speaking, the senior member of the Drake Bulldogs team can tell you a lot about the happenings the other side of the big wall. Infect, Grant and the entire team will be flying across the great country and possibly would take a little excursion alongside the Great Wall.

Indeed, preps for the next season are already in full swing as the Drake University makes its way towards the Chinese Tour in May 2018. The trip will carry on from the 22nd of May and will see its concluding portions through 4th June.

Top Bosses Spill the Beans

Head honchos including Matthew Mitchell (Professor for International Commerce), Megan Franklin (Provisional Director for Athletics), Marty Martin (University President) and the team’s coach Rick Fox were present for the official declaration.

Rick Fox declared to pressmen on the upcoming trip: “One of our program goals is that our student athletes, our young man, develop as impact men. This trip will play a big part in developing them in that way. We look forward to sharing the great game of American football and to serving as ambassadors for the sport in China.

The China Tour symbolizes yet another intercontinental voyage for the Bulldogs Football Club. Way before in the year 2011, the team had taken a trip for the International Kilimanjaro Bowl in Tanzania which marked its primary inter-collegiate U.S. football game in the land of Africa.

Close Ties with Offshore Athletics

The club’s journey to the PRC is inclusive of a communal commemoration for American football through young football enthusiasts and philanthropist service association, in addition to stopovers to the American embassy, Shijiazhuang (also referred to as the sister city of Des Moines) and the forbidden city. The team members will also take active participation in a short excursion across the Great Wall. It may not come as a surprise that other events of Drake athletics have made international trips including the women’s basketball team doing the rounds at Italy in the previous summers. Both women’s and men’s soccer panels have been to Mexico back in early 2015.

Proceeds of the International Trip

Professor for International Commerce, Matthew Mitchell, along with Jeff Kappen, the international business assistant professor, informed the media about leading the trip in May by saying: “When we went with the soccer teams, we absolutely ran those students ragged; they spent mornings in class, met with government leaders and economic development officials. On that trip, I started to see the benefit of this experience for our student athletes, and that’s important because student athletes are historically underrepresented on these study-abroad trips mostly because of their rigorous practice schedules.

The preparations should not pose any threat for the upcoming football agenda. All team players were in person throughout the statement made in mid September. It was no surprise that every member were ecstatic about the plans.

A jubilant Grant Kraemer exclaimed: “It’s an exciting thing that’s happening around here; it’s a real good surprise for us.

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Hunt for New Athletic Director

Marty Martin, the University’s President informed that board has availed the services of Korn Ferry to head the rummage for a fresh AD. Ferry is essentially a recruitment agency which has made a significant footing in selecting trainer Niko Medved for the present men’s basketball team.

Martin informed by saying: “We’ve already gotten a lot of inquiries from people around the country and Korn Ferry is going through their own rolodex now. We’ll very quickly move to the list and start whittling that list and identifying those folks that we want to sit down and talk to.

The Eventual Revelation

Marty also revealed that a newly formed exploration committee will include folks from outside and inside of the athletics sector. The probationary AD was chosen in the form of Megan Franklin just as Sandy Hatfield was retired from office after doing eleven years on the job. The hiring process is assumed to conclude before this year end 2017.

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