Comparison of American and Canadian football

While there are similarities between the Canadian and American versions of the game, there are some important specific differences that every sports fan should be aware of.

Common origins

The origins of American and Canadian football lie in the popular sport of rugby. It was first introduced to North America in Canada (Montreal), where British garrisons were based and soldiers often played amongst themselves in their spare time.

Over time, the soldiers began to organize games against McGill University. McGill University students in turn played against Harvard University students, which is considered the beginning in the history of both American and Canadian football.

The main differences

Despite the fact that they come from the same sport, Canadian and American Football Betting evolved separately and have a number of differences in the rules of the game. They largely affect how teams play and how they are managed.

Size of the football field

One of the main differences between the two sports is the size of the football field on which the game itself takes place. The official playing field in Canadian football is larger than in American soccer and is similar to the American field before 1912:

  • in Canadian football, the field is 110 yards long;
  • in soccer is only 100 yards long.

The reason for this discrepancy in size is the fact that Harvard University’s campus was smaller than that of its Canadian rival.

Number of players

Another important difference between Canadian and American football betting Vulkan Bet also emerged for this reason – the number of players. In Canadian football, there are 12 players on the pitch, while in American football there are 11.

Both games have the same number of offensive players needed on the line of play. So, the 12th player in the Canadian game plays the back position on offense, while it is usually the defensive back in defense.

Because of this, the positional designations of the different offensive and defensive lines are lost. The typical offensive arrangement in Canadian football is two slotbacks instead of the American tactic, while the defensive end of the ball uses two defensive halfbacks instead of one strong save in the American game.

Number of attempts

The most important differences concern the special team’s game. For example, in Canadian football, there is no such thing as a free throw. The offensive team has only 3 attempts for 10 yards instead of the 4 attempts in American football.

Size of the scoring area

Another difference is the size of the scoring area. The scoring zone in Canadian football is twice as big as in USA football and has a length of 20 yards. In modern soccer, the goal is on the end of the in-goal area (end zone). Although in the 70’s it was placed on the touchdown line or goal line.

But it was decided to move it further because of injuries to players. In Canadian football, this tradition is still in place today.

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