Dutch season set to start September 27 and end on July 4, 2021

The American Football Federation of the Netherlands, AFBN, has apparently changed a decision to cancel the top division, AFBN Eredivisie, season outright and has set a new combined 2020-2021 season schedule.

The eight teams that started the 2020 season, will kick off the new season September 27 and play through to Tulip Bowl XXXVI set for July 4, 2021.

The defending champion Amsterdam Crusaders will compete with the Arnhem Falcons,  Groningen Giants, Utrecht Dominators, 010 Trojans, Almero Flevo Phantoms, Hilversum Hurricanes, and Lelystad Commanders.

At the time the 2020 season was shut down due to the coronavirus pandemic, four of the eight teams had managed to play two games each, with the Almere Flevo Phantoms, Lelystad Commanders, Utrecht Dominators and Groningen Giants having played just one.

Source: Gridiron.nl

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