Egypt: MSA Tigers, Cairo Bears victors in Week 4

The fourth week of the Egyptian National Football League witnessed two exciting games with the MSA Tigers clinching a last minute win with a score of 21-7 and all their points scored in the last quarter. Also, the Cairo Bears secured a lopsided win whipping the AUC Titans 51-0.

MSA Tigers 21 – Gezira Thunder 7

In a game with huge playoff implications for the entire Western Division, the Tigers were able to come out on top and keep their playoff hopes alive by improving to 2-0. On the other hand, the Thunder’s path to qualifying got a lot tougher after falling to 1-2.

The Thunder scored early and maintained a 7-0 lead. While the Tigers’ defense managed to keep it a one-score game, but their offense was unable to put points on the board. QB Mina Salib did his best to survive under pressure from the Thunder’s pass rush, but couldn’t connect with his receivers until late in the game.

The Tigers entered the fourth quarter down by seven points, but they were able to score three touchdowns and kick a field goal in less than 10 minutes of playing time while the Thunder remained scoreless for the rest of the game.

Cairo Bears 51 – AUC Titans 0

After putting up a decent fight against the Thunder in week 1, the Titans were no match for the Bears who were out for revenge after falling to the Hellhounds last week.

The Titans’ defense managed to keep the Bears out of the end zone on their first 2 drives but couldn’t do much once the Bears made the necessary adjustments. The Titans’ offense couldn’t get anything going thanks in large to the Bears defensive line controlling the line of scrimmage, defensive end Abdullah Nasr was a key factor in this game; getting in the backfield and putting enough pressure to disrupt most of the Titans’ plays.

The Bears are now 1-1 with a bye week before what should be an intense matchup with the Eagles. As for the Titans, they get two weeks off before facing off a very hungry Tigers team.