ELF: Homegrown Hero Series – Ireland’s ELF Star Tomiwa Oyewo

As week four of the European League of Football season approaches, the league’s third season is already in full swing. Just as expansion, production, and gameplay have developed in the league’s third year so have many of the ELF’s homegrown domestic players.

The ELF Homegrown Hero series aims to shine a light on those players outside of the US and Canada making an impact on the ELF.

The first editions of the ELF Homegrown Hero series caught up with Spanish and French quarterbacks Deigo Lliteras and Leo Cremades, both playing in their respective national leagues.

Kicking off the series in the ELF series is Irish-Nigerian running back Tomiwa Oyewo of the Munich Ravens.

Oyewo introduced himself to the ELF with a dazzling weekend one performance that featured a 142 total yards of offense and one the best touchdowns runs in the ELF season so far.

Since then, the Ireland raised running back has put up 115 yards rushing and one score, along with seven catches for 55 yards in two games for the 1-1 Munich Ravens as both Oyewo and the Munich have made waves in the early part of the season.

Oyewo got his start playing American football for the Cill Dara Crusaders before making his way to the Allgäu Comets of the German Football League in 2022, where he put up 930 all-purpose yards and six touchdowns helping the Comets make it to the GFL’s quarterfinals.

The Munich Ravens running back sat down with us for quick Q&A discussing his football story and thoughts on his first season in the ELF:

AFI: How did you start playing football?

Oyewo: I started playing football in Ireland when I was about 16 or 17. I always knew about the game growing up, but basketball was my first love. One day I met my boy Farrello in the gym and he told me to come check out the team and play.

AFI: What is your goal through the sport?

Oyewo: With God I feel anything is possible so my aim in the sport is to go all the way to the NFL. I believe I’m blessed enough and if I keep working I truly believe I can make it.

AFI: How does it feel to be a young player in ELF representing Ireland?

Oyewo: Honestly it feels amazing. Sometimes I still can’t believe a boy from Offaly made it this far, and I know I have got even further to go. It just shows how good God has been to me and what trusting in him can do.

Photography by Terence McCann.

AFI: What’s your favorite football memory so far?

Oyewo: My favourite football memory would probably be when Ireland played and American football team that came over, I actually played safety that game but had a 50-yard punt return, a pick and a pick six, that was the day I felt like maybe I am good enough to go all the way, and that’s when the actual work started for me.

AFI: What’s the future of Football in Ireland?

Oyewo: The future of football in Ireland is bright and has always been, there’s so much talent in Ireland, it’s just people chose other sports like Gaelic, hurling and rugby, with the youth programs being set up, hopefully more people learn about football at a younger age and are more interested now.

AFI: How did you get over to Germany to play for the Allgau Comets?

Oyewo: I got over to the comets after going to a combine set up by the podyum back in 2019, that’s where I met coach Elias and after covid and PPI camp I had some tape of one on ones that I sent, and did a little trial day as well for the Comets, they were happy to have me.


AFI: What’s it like for you living and playing in Munich?

Oyewo: I’m not much of a city person so luckily for us we live just a bit outside Munich where it’s not too busy. But Munich is a beautiful city. I love going there doing the day to chill out, gym, and even just go down to the English garden for a swim. I’m having a lot of fun here, the people are welcoming, not much more I could really ask for honestly.
The weather is good now too so practice is a lot more fun, the energy on the team is right and I have a brilliant coach and talented guys all over the roster. It’s truly a blessing.

AFI: What’s the goal of the Munich Ravens this season?

Oyewo: The goal of the Munich Ravens is to show we are the best, and I truly believe we are. Unfortunately we didn’t get to show it all against Tirol, but we’re learning from our mistakes and will come out a lot better.

Listen to the Gaelic Gridiron’s sit down chat with Tomiwa Oyewo here:

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