ELF: Players union makes first official statements

Yesterday, the European League of Football Players Association, or ELFPA made its first official statements. The recently formed union was first reported on early this week. Moving quickly, the Switzerland-based union has apparently already been meeting with over 40 members according to ELF reporting source, Foot Bowl.

Under the motto “support, protect, and empower” the players union emphasized its role in providing representation and promoting the interests of current and former ELF players.

“The players’ association’s main purpose is to promote all players of the ELF and to bring their interests into the further development of the league, as well as to promote, improve and maintain the relations and the exchange between the different players in the league. “

Citing the open frustration with team management led by former Frankfurt Galaxy players Kadel King, Desmond Cooper, and Omari Willaims, the ELFPA clarifies its mission as a way for players to help each other navigate the league through its many twists and turns.

“The ELFPA is intended to be an information and exchange platform for the players of the ELF in order to ensure promising cooperation with the league and the teams and to offer support in the development of an optimal environment for the players as well as the teams and the league. The association is completely controlled by the players and the decisions of the players association are made by players for players.”

However, the ELPFA makes it clear that its goal is to work with management and not make an enemy of the groundbreaking league.

“The establishment of the players’ association is in no way to be understood as an attack or the like on the league. On the contrary, it is a great concern of the association to start goal-oriented and professional cooperation, which is why it was informed about the establishment of the association and why talks with the league are being sought. All in all, the players’ association was founded with the intention of making the league even better and to play a supporting role in its development, taking into account the players’ interests, so that professionalization can continue to progress.”

The ELFPA also indicated that more information will come as the newly formed union continues to develop.

“Due to the ongoing establishment of contacts with involved and responsible persons as well as the ongoing development and expansion of the players’ association, further information will follow at a later date. The players’ association will accordingly strive to provide ongoing information.”

As mid-November approaches the ELF off-season is already in motion. With player contract negotiations happening across the league’s 12 teams, it will be interesting to see how the ELFPA plays a role in the formation of the league’s second season.

The full statement can be found here

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