ELF announces valuation of unplayed Leipzig Kings games

Following the withdrawal of the Leipzig Kings from the European League of Football, many questions remained unanswered. On Tuesday, the league answered one of these questions, publicizing a press release in which they detailed the scores assigned to the remaining Kings games.

Patrick Esume, Commissioner of the European League of Football, stated:

“It was very important to us to find the fairest solution possible for all franchises. The Competition Committee’s decision was based on a forecast of several scenarios for the remainder of the season and, based on the statistics, proved to be the most reasonable scenario. It may sound complicated, but our goal was to measure the teams’ playoff chances as close as possible to how the games would have turned out.”

The previous assumption would be that every team scheduled to play the Kings would be given a 35-0 walkover, which is the scoreline that was assigned to their first cancellation versus the Prague Lions.

As well as the initial no-competition against the Lions, every game in which the Kings participated will remain as scored (games one through five), and return fixtures of these matchups are to be given the same scoreline; for example, week two’s Wrocław Panthers at Leipzig Kings ended with a scoreline of 31-6, meaning when these teams are scheduled to face once more in week eight, the Panthers will win the game 31-6.

One exception to this rule is the return fixture concerning the Fehérvár Enthroners. The Enthroners took a week three loss to the Kings with a scoreline of 47-24 in Leipzig’s favor; the week 11 return fixture that was previously scheduled will see the scoreline flipped, giving the Enthroners a 47-24 win.

Regarding the two Cologne Centurions games scored 16-16 with Cologne taking the win, the league said:

“In addition, the Cologne Centurions, whose games against Leipzig could not be played, will be credited with two wins. To achieve a balanced point difference, both games will be scored with 16:16. This corresponds to the average points scored by the Cologne Centurions.”

Below are the 2023 results for the Leipzig Kings games.

Leipzig Kings at Prague Lions 18-15

Panthers Wrocław at Leipzig Kings 31-6

Fehérvár Enthroners at Leipzig Kings 24-47

Leipzig Kings at Vienna Vikings 14-47

Berlin Thunder at Leipzig Kings 39-14

Prague Lions at Leipzig Kings 35-0

Leipzig Kings at Cologne Centurions 16-16*

Leipzig Kings at Wrocław Panthers 6-31

Vienna Vikings at Leipzig Kings 47-14

Leipzig Kings at Fehérvár Enthroners 24-47

Cologne Centurions at Leipzig Kings 16-16*

Leipzig Kings at Berlin Thunder 14-39

*Win Cologne Centurions

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