ELF: Do our predictions match yours for Week 9?

After two weeks of only half the teams in the European League of Football playing, regular action has resumed.

In light of the return to a full schedule we have created a list of predictions ahead of the week 9 matchups.

Rhein Fire @ Barcelona Dragons (W)

Both teams suffered at the hands of their opponents last week, but for the Dragons, this loss will have been felt more ardently after losing to the Istanbul Rams. The Dragons have something to prove to the rest of the league. 

The Dragons should be able to sneak this one after the Fire’s shaky offensive outing last week with brand new quarterback Jadrian Clark.

Frankfurt Galaxy @ Wroclaw Panthers (W)

The Panthers received a stomping in their first meeting with the Galaxy in week 3 (it should be noted that this was with a Polish quarterback). 

The Panthers are, however, better than their record suggests. With the home crowd behind them, this could be a turning point in the season for Wroclaw.

Istanbul Rams @ Hamburg Sea Devils (W)

This is the ultimate redemption game for the Rams. They suffered a 70-0 beat down to the Sea Devils just three weeks ago.

Since then the Rams have brought in new offensive weapons and picked up their first win of the season against the Dragons.

The Rams are unlikely to pick up the victory over Hamburg but the result will be drastically different than the first meeting.

Raiders Tirol (W) @ Leipzig Kings

The Raiders suffered their second loss to the Vikings of the season over the weekend. It’s a loss that seems to be defining of the former Austrian power house.

But statistically they still have one of the best all-round teams in the league. Despite losing the big games, they should have no trouble swatting aside the Kings.

Vienna Vikings (W) @ Stuttgart Surge

The Surge have lost every game they’ve played in this season. They will undoubtedly continue that trend this weekend against the best team in the league.

Cologne Centurions @ Berlin Thunder (W)

These two have been trending in opposite directions since the year began. It is now the Thunder who may be fighting for a playoff spot towards the end of the season.

The Centurions have been able to “steal”…or rather, pick up two massive signings from the GFL this week in running back Joshua Mack from the Marburg Mercenaries and Jonell Pelie from the Cologne Crocodiles.

But whether or not these two can make a big enough impact in their first week to win the game is still unknown.

Daniel Mackenzie is a Press Association graduate who works in journalism and communications in the third sector. Daniel began playing football for the London Warriors and Team Great Britain and has since played across Europe.