Growth of a Game: Brussels Skills Camp returns to Belgium for 2nd year

After 130 players participated in last year’s event, the Brussels Skills Camp returns to Belgium for its second year. The event, hosted by The Growth of a Game, takes place July 2nd-6th, 2018 and is currently the only week-long camp offered by the organization. Led by Spencer Wood, the new head coach for the Belgian National Team, the Brussels Skills Camp will offer coaching from some of the very best coaches in Europe.

The Growth of a Game is committed to facilitating the development of American football in Europe. In alignment to its primary mission, they organize camps all across Europe to provide quality training to players and coaches looking to improve their skill level.

The Growth of a Game will be hosting its 2nd annual American football camp in Brussels, Belgium from July 2nd-6th, 2018.

The 2018 Brussels Skills Camp is aimed at improving the level of players from around the region. Players and coaches from all across Europe will visit Brussels for the camp, and over 150 players are expected to be in attendance.

The Brussels Skills Camp will be led by several of the top coaches in Europe, including Spencer Wood, head coach of the Belgian National TeamBrett Morgan, head coach of the Firenze Guelfi in Italy; Joe Sturdivant, head coach for the Saarland Hurricanes in Germany; Sebastian Serrano, head coach for the Portuguese national team; Andreas Brökers, head coach for the Aachen Vampires in Germany; Bob Conroy, defensive line coach for the Saarland Hurricanes in Germany; Jaycen Taylor, head coach for the Limburg Shotguns U19 in Belgium; Nick Granado, head coach for the Mons Knights in Belgium; and Sergio Borra, head coach for the Antwerp Argonauts U19 in Belgium.

The camp will focus on skill development for all players aged 14 to 19. Players of all positions are welcome. Players from as many as 15 countries will be present. In addition to player development, the coaching staff will also be providing instruction to beginner and intermediate coaches in the form of on-field work.

Player fees for the 5-day camp are €150, while coaches fees are €69. Alternatively, teams can sign up unlimited players and coaches for €1,000.

Camp t-shirts will be included in the sign-up cost for players and will be provided during registration. Players will wear t-shirts, shorts, and football cleats – no shoulder pads or helmets.

Accommodation options are available for 49€ per night including breakfast at the Ibis Styles Brussels Louise. Lunch will be provided at the field each day for €7. Lunch reservations must be made in advance.

This camp is made possible by the contributions of various partners, including Battle Sports, Ceres Sports, Gear4Teams, Cramer Sports MedicineIbis Styles Brussels Louise and Champro Sports.

To sign up for the event, visit the sign-up page:


The Growth of a Game is a Belgian-based company connecting football advocates across Europe. We work with teams, players, coaches, and fans to grow American football and build a foundation for further development.