Italy to live stream Divisione I American football on FIDAF TV

The Federazione Italiana Di American Football (FIDAF) will stream live games designed to maximize visibility of American football in Italy.

With just a few days to go before the start of Italy’s Campionato Italiano Football Americano I Divisione, or First Division Championship, the FIDAF announces the exciting news that will it’s fans in Italy and abroad.

A project driven by the Federal Council with the cooperation from all the top Italian teams has produced FIDAF TV, a streaming platform that will show live games and ‘other fascinating content’ including interviews, highlights, the best touchdowns of the month and much more.

Buoyed by last season’s experience with IFL Mag TV and the progress made with the clubs in the first division, FIDAF has tasked federation partner #Assofootball with implementing the FIDAF TV project.

Most of the First Division teams has signed on to the FIDAF project designed to increase the visibility for American football in Italy.

All content on FIDAF TV will be available free and in high definition.

Please see below the complete FIDAF TV program schedule.

FIDAF TV Live Streaming (all times Central European Time)

Torino Giaguari vs Bolzano Giants – March 4, 18:30

Bergamo Lions vs Milano Seamen – March 12, 15:00

Bolzano Giants vs Bergamo Lions – March 19, 15:00

Milano Rhinos vs Milano Seamen – March 25, 18:00

Bergamo Lions vs Torino Giaguari – March 26, 15:00

Roma Grizzlies vs Parma Panthers – April 9, 15:00

Bergamo Lions vs Pesaro UTA – April 9, 15:00

Bolzano Giants Bolzano vs Milano Rhinos – April 23, 15:00

Bolzano Giants vs Lazio Marines – April 30, 15:00

Milano Seamen vs Parma Panthers – May 13, 18:00

Pesaro UTA vs Milano Seamen – May 20, to be defined

Milano Seamen vs Bolzano Giants – May 27,  18:00

Torino Giaguari vs Roma Grizzlies – June 6, 21:00

Furthermore, from the following Monday of each First Division Championship week, on FIDAF TV you will find other new content free on demand. The Milano Rhinos, Lazio Marines, Ancona Dolphins, in Firenze Guelfi, will live broadcast other games on their private channels and then make the same available for FIDAF TV.

Here is that live stream schedule (subject to change):

Ancona Dolphins vs Firenze Guelfi – March 5, 14:30

Marines Lazio vs Bergamo Lions – March 5, 16:00

Milano Rhinos Milano vs Ancona Dolphins – March 11, 18:00

Firenze Guelfi vs Lazio Marines – March 11, 18:00

Milano Seamen vs Ancona Dolphins – March 18, 18:00

Firenze Gulefi vs Parma Panthers – March 25, 21:00

Ancona Dolphins vs Lazio Marines – March 26, 14:30

Milano Rhinos vs Torino Giaguari – April 1, 18:00

Ancona Dolphins vs Parma Panthers – April 1, 18:00

Firenze Guelfi vs Bolzano Giants – April 1, 18:00

Torino Giaguari vs Ancona Dolphins – April 22, 21:00

Pesaro UTA vs Ancona Dolphins – April 30, 14:30

Firenze Guelfi vs Roma Grizzlies – May 13, 18:00

Milano Rhinos vs Pesaro UTA – May 14, 15:00

Ancona Dolphins vs Bolzano Giants – May 14, 16:30

Firenze Guelfi vs Milano Rhinos – May 20,  18:00

Bergamo Lions vs Ancona Dolphins – May 21, 16:00

Milano Rhinos vs Bergamo Lions – May 27, 18:00

Ancona Dolphins vs Roma Grizzlies – May 27, 20:00

The First Division Championship is starts this Saturday, March 4th. Be sure not to a minute of the teams’ spectacular American football performances on the field this season all over Italy.

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