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Italy: Milano Seamen First Team to Advance to Italian Semifinals

The Milano Seamen, defending Italian champions, have advanced to the semifinals of the Italian Football League for the second year in a row with a 48-12 demolishing of the Roma Grizzlies.

Seamen quarterback Jonathan Dally was superb rushing for four touchdown passes himself in the space of 16 minutes in the first half as Milano exploded for a 42-0 first half lead.

Running back  Mattia Binda and receiver Ismail Lamamra were Dally`s main targets in the rout. Binda was the MVP of the Seamen’s 2014 Italian Super Bowl victory.

Milano then eased off and most of the subs saw action in the second half and the team began looking forward to the next round of the playoffs.

Head coach Paolo Mutti:

“I finally saw the determination from last season, with the added concentration that was missing from last three games of the regular season. Now we look forward to facing our next opponent whoever that might be.”

The Seamen will play the winner of Sunday’s game between the Lazio Marines and the Milano Rhinos.

Photos courtesy of Dario Fumagalli.


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