Jordan set to host first Arab championship

Jordan is getting ready to host the first ever Arab championship in Amman this summer.

American Football is one of the fastest growing sports in the world, and the Middle East dis catching on. After a successful series of events held by the Jordanian League of American Football, president and founder Hussam Yaseen has announced the plan of hosting an annual Arab championship in Amman,  the capital of Jordan.

Mr Hussam:

“This sport is growing day by day, almost all the Arab countries have a team or even a full league, we are lacking a true Arab competition to take the sport into another level. Jordan is committed to the growth of the sport in the region, and is willing to invest in such a project “

Yaseen explained why Jordan is the place to host such a tournament:

“Jordan has one of the newest leagues in the region, but definitely the fastest growing too! Our achievements makes us capable of hosting such a tournament. In addition to that, Jordan is currently the safest country in the Middle East, and the easiest to access for all nationalities”

The operations manager of the league, Hamza Karaman explained that a series of more than 10 meetings were held to finalize the details, and an application form will be released so that teams can apply.

The proposed date of the tournament is late August. The JLAF declined to announce any participants at this point, explaining that all participants will be announced once everyone agrees on terms.

The tournament will be the first of its kind in the region, and Jordan announced since last year there ambitions of hosting such a tournament to show their commitment and dedication to the development of the sport. Keeping in mind that the tournament in its inaugural version will be a trial friendly one, with new teams participating.

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