LIVESTREAM: China – AFLC Quarterfinals – Mountain City Fury @Beijing Barbarians, Sat. Dec. 1, 1p (6a CEST, 12 midnight EST)

The Mountain City Fury (West #2, 4-2) head to Dulwich College in Beijing, China to face the Beijing Barbarians (North #1, 4-0), in the second quarterfinal matchup in the American Football League of China 2018 post season.

The McFury have a history of struggling in road games, and this one will not be any easier for them than before.

Beijing has been waiting for months after an early conclusion to their regular season schedule in China, and they will have the advantage of being used to the cold temperatures forecasted for Saturday (high of 7 degrees Celsius).

WR Du Ranjun (#20) will have to step up and make key plays for the McFury offense against an aggressive Beijing defense led by LB Stan Tytarenko (#80). CB Wang Yuhang (#34) and the rest of the McFury defense will have their hands full trying to contain the Barbarians’ offense, led by QB Hester (#13).

Watch the game live here. Mountain City Fury @Beijing Barbarians, Sat. Dec. 1, 1p (6a CEST, 12 midnight EST)

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Danny Zhang is a Chinese-American college student who grew up playing American football in the Boston area. He has a keen interest in the development of the sport in China, where he has recently studied, worked, and experienced football’s rapid