LIVESTREAM: Costa Rica – Inaugural Women’s Championship – Dec. 16, 11a (12 noon EST, 6p CEST)

Costa Rica’s historic Championship Game between the VALKIRIAS F.C. vs Bulldogs FLAMES F.A. will be held on Sunday, December 16 at 11:00 AM, Estadio Nicolas Masis, Escazu-San Jose.

Facebook live streaming of the game can be found at Yarda 506 TV starting at 11:00 AM (Central Time).

The Costa Rican Asociacion Deportiva de Mujeres de Football Americano (ADMFA) was established earlier this year and began its first 2018 calendar weekly game on Sunday, October 7th. Three teams were registered to play the season. Two teams from San Jose, Bulldogs FLAMES F.A. and GODDESSES F.A. and one team from Perez Zeledon, VALKIRIAS F.C.

Fast forward to the end of nine regular calendar weekly games with each team playing 6 games. The FLAMES F.A. finished off with a shut-out standing of 6-0. The VALKIRIAS F.C. came in second standing at 2-4 and the GODDESSES F.A. wrapped up with only one win.

The semifinal was held on Saturday, December 8th with the 3rd place GODDESSES F.A. against the 2nd place VALKIRIAS F.C. The first place FLAMES F.A. had already advanced to the Championship Final. The VALKIRIAS F.C. won 36-12 securing their berth in the final against the FLAMES F.A.

Head Coach, Charlie Avila, believes the strength his team has is their unwavering discipline and concentration:

“I am very proud of my team the Bulldogs FLAMES F.A. They have worked so hard for this and I trust all of them will come out and give their all on the field.

I wish everyone who loves American football to come and support the players. These ladies go all out and there’s nothing to envy the men’s league. It’s a Championship game in which we will see lots of action from both teams that will give their all to become the first Women Champions in Costa Rica… You just can’t miss it.”

HC Charlie Avila – Bulldogs FLAMES F.A.
HC Martin ‘Pana’ Gutierrez – VALKIRIAS F.C.
HC Danny Monney – GODDESSES F.A.

ADMFA 2018 full calendar results—womens-full-contact.html

Watch the game live here. Women’s Championship – Dec. 16, 11a (12 noon EST, 6p CEST)

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