LIVESTREAM Spain: Fuengirola Potros @ Mallorca Voltors, April 18, 12:00 CET (06:00 am ET)

The Feungirola Potros (2-5) visit the beautiful island of Mallorca to play the Mallorca Voltors (4-3) in this Sunday afternoon matchup as the Spanish League of American Football winds up the regular season.

The Voltors have clinched a playoff spot while the Potros are looking to taste victory on last time before enjoying their summers.

Last week, the Potros lost 54-13 to an excellent Osos Rivas team. The Fuengirola defense struggled as Osos Rivas scored time after time through the air and on the ground. Offensively, an injury to starting quarterback Henri Väänänen, keeping him out of the game, forced the Potros to resort to the Wing T offense. The old school playbook was fun to watch as Carlos Chaves took over under center and was able to read the defense and create some big plays. Chaves ended the game with two touchdowns and over a hundred yards rushing.

Fuengirola Potros @ Mallorca Voltors, April 18, 12:00 CET (06:00 am ET)

Chaves on this week’s game:

“The previous game against Mallorca was quite tight and we had an opportunity then to win and show that we belong in the Serie A, although we lost in the last minute. This week the team feels confident and we want to show what we are capable and what we have been training for. We have improved during this season and as the final game we want to do our best and finish the season with one more victory.”

The Voltors also lost last week, falling to the Zaragoza Hurricanes 36-21. Like the Potros, Mallorca were also missing their starting quarterback and turned to Serbian defensive back Aleksander Borkovic. Borkovic was able to improvise and make plays, helping the Voltors put up 21 points. Unfortunately for the Voltors, Borkovic and the other two Serbian players have left the team due to visa issues apparently. Look for Jaylon Hibbs to step in at quarterback with starter Tanner Young still on the injured list. Hibbs played admirably last week, scoring two touchdowns on offense and grabbing two interceptions on defense. One interception was a “SportsCenter” worthy one-hander in the end zone, preventing the Hurricanes offense from scoring a touchdown.

Hibbs on the matchup:

“One key thing our team will need to focus on during this week of training is starting off strong. As I’m sure you saw in our game against the Hurricanes, we started off sluggish and never really woke up until the second half. It will be crucial to set the tone early against our next, quality opponent!”

With both teams playing without their starting quarterback, this will be a game for offensive coordinators to get inventive. Fans of triple option football will no doubt enjoy watching this game.

Watch the game live here. Fuengirola Potros @ Mallorca Voltors, April 18, 12:00 CET (06:00 am ET)

Mallorca Voltors roster (Click to enlarge)

Fuengirola Potros roster (Click to enlarge)


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