LIVESTREAM: Team China Takes on Guatemala in World University Championships

The World University Championships in American Football continue this week in Monterrey, Mexico as Team China prepares to face Team Guatemala. Both teams have suffered lopsided losses but each will now be facing a more evenly matched opponent.

Team Guatemala opened the tournament against Japan losing 72-0. Then Mexico handed them a 63-0 loss. Team China endured losses to Japan (74-0) and the USA (55-0).

This is the second appearance by China in the WUCs. Team China played in the inaugural 2014 World University Championships in Uppsala, Sweden in 2014. Guatemala is competing in this tournament for the first time.

FISU - China-Guatemala - 2pic action 2016

Photos: Jorge Reyes

Players to keep an eye out for include Guatemala game MVP against Mexico, Rafael Pimentel (#34), along with receiver Eric Illezcas (#1). For Team China, running back Zhang Song (#24) has played well as has linebacker Boren Zhao (#52) who earned game MVP honors versus the USA.

Kickoff 2 PM (3 PM EDT, 9 PM CET)

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