LIVESTREAM UK BUCS All-Star: Team North vs Team South, April 12, 20:00 CET (8 pm, 2 pm EDT)

By Brad Duff

The annual Football America UK BUCS All-Star game takes place April 12 at Butts Park Arena in Coventry.

The All-Star game features the best players from all three divisions of University American football, divided into Team North and Team South. Players go through a trial process before being selected to the team and attending training camps leading up to the game.

Last year saw the South take a 17-13 victory over the North, led by Bournemouth University Bobcats quarterback Alfie Birks. Birks was awarded MVP for the game and will return as a signal caller for the South in this year’s fixture. He will be joined by his Bobcats teammate offensive guard Aaron Taylor, who has been named team captain, as well as four other Bobcats players.

Other key players from the South include a Portsmouth Destroyers receiving core consisting of Harry Dickinson, Sam Waters, Jamal Ryan-Coker and Harrison Cooper, all of whom were key to the Destroyers’ success this season – a season which saw them reach the Division 1 finals before being defeated by Loughborough.

Team North will feature players such as Jude Scott, Oscar Devos and Sean Bedford, all hailing from a dominant Leeds Beckett side. Leeds Beckett was one of the best teams in the country this season, taking losses to only UWE and Nottingham, who both played in the championship game earlier this year.

Team North vs Team South, April 12, 20:00 CET (8 pm, 2 pm EDT)

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