Mexico: ONEFA’s Major League Matchday 6 – 14 key showdowns and one livestreaming

The excitement of American football in Mexico continues to surge as we venture further into the season of the ONEFA Major League. With a series of thrilling encounters on the horizon, it’s time to dive into the preview of Matchday 6 for the top 14 teams, where teams strive to stay in the competition and move up the standings.

Group A: Intense Battles at the Summit

In the 14 Greats Group A, the stage is brimming with excitement. The Borregos from Tec de Monterrey lead the pack with a solid record of 3 wins and 1 loss, and what's even more impressive, they top the league with the best defense. On Matchday 6, they will face off against the Burros Blancos from IPN, who, with 2 wins and 2 losses, aim to make their mark in the standings.

In second place, the Pumas from UNAM CU hold a 3-2 record and venture to the city of Puebla, where they will face the Borregos from Puebla. Although the Borregos from Puebla are in third place with a 2-2 record, they have proven to be formidable with a powerful defense and an explosive ground attack led by the talented running back, Fernando Mayen #26, who currently shines as the third-best rusher in the league. The Pumas will welcome back their injured quarterback, Lenny Garza #3.

The Burros Blancos, positioned in fourth place with a 2-2 record, face a challenging task in Monterrey. Meanwhile, in Mexico City, the Borregos CCM (2-3) will host the Aztecas from the UDLA (1-4). On the other hand, Borregos GDL will have a bye week.

Group B: Battle for Supremacy

In the 14 Greats Group B, the Tigres from UANL remain undefeated with an impressive 5-0 record. On Matchday 6, they embark on a challenging journey to the Cueva del León to face the Leones from UAMN, who are in fifth place in the group with a 2-2 record and have proven to be a formidable opponent, as demonstrated by their surprising victory over the Pumas Acatlán last week.

In second place in the group, the Águilas Blancas (4-1) will stage the star matchup of the week as they host the Borregos CEM (3-1), who are in the third place in the group and boast a solid defense, including three quality linebackers, including the Argentine #45 Fermin Campos. On the other side of the field, the Águilas Blancas have the best aerial offense, led by the standout QB Mike Patiño #4, with over 1500 yards in the season.

This game will be shown on live TV and streamed on the Facebook Live of Channel 11. Águilas Blancas vs Borregos CEM, Oct. 14, 23:30 CET (11:30 pm, 5:30pm EDT)

The fourth place in the group belongs to the Pumas Acatlán (3-2), who will have a bye week. The Linces from UVM (1-3) see their opportunity to earn points when they face the Potros from UAEM (0-5), who are at the bottom of the standings.

In the Conferencia Nacional these are the standings. Bajio Conference:

Conferencia Bajio

Conferencia Centro

Conferencia Norte

Matchday 6 of the ONEFA Major League promises to be a feast of emotions and battles on the field, where teams will strive for glory and climb in the standings. Don't miss any details of the action in Mexican American football!