Offshore Football Betting Benefits

Football is the country’s most popular spectator sport, with almost three quarters regularly following the game. This incredible support translates over to sports betting patterns with an estimated 50 million people betting around $16 million dollars in total at the 2023 Super Bowl.

Despite these huge figures, many Americans are choosing to bet using offshore sports betting operators. One of the biggest reasons for this is accessibility.

When it comes to the legality of sports betting, states were granted autonomy in making decisions over legislation in 2018. Prior to a decision by the Supreme Court to strike down federal laws that banned sports betting, it was only the residents of Nevada were able to place wagers on sporting events.

Since the decision, many states have chosen to legalize sports betting and have enjoyed a significant boost to their economy through license fees and taxation.

Despite the option to legalize sports betting, many states have not yet done so. And, many with in-person betting have still not opened up the online market to residents yet. This causes a problem for many customers who want the convenience of being able to bet from home and on the move.

Because of this, offshore betting operators are able to capitalize on the market by offering U.S. customers a service they desire. Many states do not have rules banning offshore betting, making it perfectly legal for residents to enjoy.

Another significant benefit of offshore sportsbooks is the bonuses and promotions they offer. Because the American sports betting market is so lucrative, there are dozens of betting sites offering a range of benefits and promotions to entice and retain customers, as seen in a list of B2C’s offshore options. This makes these platforms a favored choice even for those in states that allow betting.

As well as great promotions, this choice allows bettors the chance to shop around for the best value odds on their chosen sport. Betting odds typically vary between sportsbooks, and when great odds are coupled with certain promotions, it can provide unbeatable deals that attract hundreds of sports fans.

The types of bets available in offshore sports books can also be a contributing factor to the exodus of American consumers. For football fans, early lines and live betting are not always available in the regulated options available in different states.

Gamblers might even be looking for diverse payment options and online betting sites are available that accept standard card payments, online transfers, and cryptocurrency, an option you’ll rarely find at in-person betting shops. Using cryptocurrency to gamble adds another dimension to the gambling experience with value fluctuating daily. A small win using cryptocurrency could rocket in value over the course of a few days.

The ability to pay using different methods also adds an additional level of security and privacy. Some regulated sites require players to link bank accounts to their betting account, this can make it difficult for those who want to separate their gambling finances from their day-to-day banking. It’s also unlikely that you’ll be able to use payment methods like PayPal and other eWallets when betting shops open up in football stadiums in the upcoming season.

Until sports betting in the U.S. becomes as convenient and varied as offshore betting, it will always be playing catch up. Regulated online betting operators in America are often restricted by legislation. This can result in fewer betting markets being covered and fewer choices for the American public.

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