PREVIEW: France’s American Football Elite Set For Week 4

[tps_title]FFFA Elite Week 4[/tps_title]

[tps_header]Nîmes Centurions (0-2) v. Nice Dauphins (1-2)[/tps_header]


With 27 and 16 points scored respectively, the Centurions (8th) and Dauphins (6th) are the least effective offenses in the Elite. It must be said though that the schedule has not helped as the teams have faced the best defenses in the league (the Argonautes, Flash, Cougars, Black Panthers).

The outcome of Saturday night’s match is still wide open with Nîmes hoping to get their first win of the season and Nice looking to bounce back from a  defeat suffered against the Flash de la Courneuve. Yannick Fattorini, coach of the Dauphins, on some positives in their Week 3 defeat:

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One thing is certain, the Dauphins will have to do better than their average of 2.7 yards per play if they hope to penetrate their opponent’s end zone.

Starting his Elite season in Week 2 of the championship, Sullivan Silverio, whose talent is recognized by his peers, has struggling to find his receivers completing only 1 TD, with a 36% completion rate and 1 INT. Blake Robles, the Centurions American quarterback, has not exactly had a perfect start to the season, throwing for just 91 yards  per game with 3 TD, 1 INT.

This match is the perfect opportunity for the two quarterbacks to inspire their clubs and to move into higher gear.

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