PREVIEW: France’s American Football Elite Set For Week 4

[tps_title]FFFA Elite Week 4[/tps_title]

[tps_header]Asnieres-sur-Seine Molosses (1-2) v. St. Ouen Cougars (2-1-0)[/tps_header]


How can you to turn your weaknesses into your strengths?

This is a question for Xavier Mas, head coach of the Cougars. While the coach felt that his defensive squad would not be up to last year’s standards, the Cougars defense has stepped up. With 4 interceptions returned for TDs (5 total), the Cougars have the best scoring defense in the Elite. Defensive efficiency has produced hyper aggressive players as evidenced by the number of tackles (140) and sacks (13) and pass breakups (14), the best stats of the league. Add to this 1,180 yards total offense and you get a team you do not want to cross. The Flash and Centurions have paid the price, and tomorrow night it is the Molosses (5th) who must be prepared.

The Molosses are emerging from  a 41-23 loss to the league leading Argonautes of Aix-en-Provence. If the score suggests that Argos have easily dominated their opponents, this is not entirely accurate. It was only in the fourth quarter that Jerome Dondey’s Molosses cracked, conceding 20 points and the game.

The Molosses QB Evan Gehlert suffered a concussion late in the game against the Argos but after various medical examinations he was declared fit and well and will don the helmet to try to restart the Molosses machine, which has only averaged 16 points per game. On defense, the Molosses started strong with four interceptions (two returned for touchdowns) but overall has given up 82 points, the worst in the Elite league.


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