PREVIEW: Serbia’s American Football League (SAAF) Kicks Off 2015

[tps_title]2015 Serbian Preview[/tps_title]

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Seerbia - Nils Imperator

Although the Serbian League has changed its import rule this season only allowing two imports to play in one game, the Nis Imperators have signed three players from the USA. That moves shows how they determined are to reach playoffs for the second year in a row.

Serbia - nis-imperatori logoJovica Jovic, who was assistant coach last season, has been promoted to head coach. The ambitious Serbian coach had a lot of help from Ciro Jordanov (who played for the Cologne Falcons last season) , who will miss this year due to injury. While he is recovering year he will help out as an offensive line coach.

Jovic will have a tough decision before every single game – he will have to decide between quarterback Caleb Price, wide receiver/defensive back Richard ‘Sweetfeet’ Samuel and running back  Joel Lay, who will also serve as the team’s offensive coordinator. One of them won’t be able to help his teammates on the field.

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