PREVIEW: Serbia’s American Football League (SAAF) Kicks Off 2015

[tps_title]2015 Serbian Preview[/tps_title]

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Serbia - Cacak Angel Warriors action

With winning the Serbian second division with a record of 6-0 and scoring 402 points while allowing only 42 points, the Cacak Angel Warriors staged a furious return to the Serbian top division. But since they dropped out of the first division two seasons ago they have lost all but two starters, making them a brand new team.

Serbia - Cacak Angel Warriors logoHead coach Sasa Stojanovic was in big trouble, but eight players decided to come back from retirement and help the team. One of them is Djordje Avramovic, who was the starting quarterback of the Serbian National team. Then things became even better when the Angel Warriors signed two imports.

With Samuel Bautista (defensive line/tight end) from Friend University and running back/linebacker Robert Frinks from El Camino Community College, the Angel Warriors will be much more competitive. Their advantage may be that most teams will under estimate them, but the Angel Warriors have a reputation in Serbian football as a team that plays hard until the final whistle blows, so their goal  of staying the the elite division is very realistic.

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