Rhein Fire move to 7-0 with road win over Paris Musketeers

Rhein Fire took their seventh straight victory in a visit to Paris which saw them leave with a 37-25 advantage over the Musketeers. Contrary to their last matchup, in which Rhein Fire took a 58-28 home win, the return game was a competitive one, even seeing Paris take the lead on two occasions.

The game opened in a familiar fashion, with Jadrian Clark finding Anthony Mahoungou deep to put the Fire on the board first. Paris answered quickly as Zach Edwards lofted a ball to the front pylon where Florian Larose caught his fourth touchdown of the season, followed by two-point conversion from Edwards to long-time teammate Kyle Sweet.

Despite being picked off early in the second quarter by Kenny Floret, Jadrian Clark made a quick recovery, driving 86 yards downfield with the help of Glen Toonga before hitting ELF debutant Willie Patterson on a screen pass for a touchdown. The Fire took a leaf out of the Musketeers’ book, executing a similar rollout play to Harlan Kwofie to add on another two points. Paris closed out the half with a 40-yard field goal for Benjamin Bono in what was his first successful field goal attempt of the season, putting the score at 15-11 in favor of the Fire.

The Musketeers opened up the second half with a well put-together drive, working their way to the goal line before Edwards powered his way into the endzone to give Paris their second lead of the day. A failed two-pointer put the score at 17-15.

Paris Musketeers QB Zach Edwards #1 evading Rhein Fire defender. Photo: Justin Derondeau

Rhein responded with yet another new signee making his way to the endzone in TE Tim Sauerland, who caught a shovel pass from Jadrian Clark on the goal line to increase the Fire’s lead. Sebastian van Santen added three to their score from 29 at the beginning of the final period to make the score 24-17.

Back-to-back Clark touchdown passes, one to Mahoungou and the other to Toonga, put the game away, but Paris didn’t go out without a fight; on their final drive, Edwards found Adria Botella Moreno for six before Larose made it eight.

With a record of 2-5, the Musketeers will host the Frankfurt Galaxy in week eight, while the 7-0 Fire will be at home against a Cologne Centurions team that hasn’t played since week five.

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