Sports betting in land-based casinos

Bettors in America have several options available when placing a wager. While online and land-based sportsbooks are the most popular ones, two new methods are gaining ground rather quickly:

Can I bet on sports in a casino?

Yes. If you’re a gambler and a sports bettor, there’s no reason why you should go to two different locations to enjoy your hobbies.

To avoid this, here are two lesser-known sports betting options:

Bet in the designated sportsbook section

Some of the large casinos in America have separate sportsbook sections where you can watch matches and have all the statistical information at hand.

For instance:

Experience Circa Sportsbook

Located within the Circa Resort & Casino, Experience Circa is the largest sportsbook you can visit in Las Vegas.

While the 3-store facility allows over 1000 bettors to watch matches live, with groups also being able to opt for private boxes, the most impressive part consists of having detailed statistics broadcast live.

BetMGM Sportsbook – The Bellagio

The Bellagio Hotel & Casino allows gamblers to place sports bets via the BetMGM Sportsbook.

The venue has six sports broadcasting screens, and up to 25 tracks are posted daily. As opposed to betting online, customers who choose the real-life experience also have access to exclusive sportsbook promotions and a conveniently located bar.

Sports betting kiosks

Also known as self-service terminals, sports betting kiosks are optimal for bettors who want a quick and efficient betting experience.

Since they involve placing wagers on real events, they’re not legally regarded as gaming machines. Instead, they’re merely seen as a way to automate the in-person betting process.

Since kiosks require a minimum investment, as opposed to building a designated sportsbook area, you’ll have better luck finding them in American casinos.

How to use a self-service terminal

There are several self-service terminal suppliers, such as SBTech and IGT, and their instructions may differ depending on each state’s regulations.

However, several highlights can still be provided to make your betting experience easier:

  • Bettors can pay using vouchers, cash, or prepaid funds from the sportsbook player account;
  • Vouchers have to be scanned, and you can use one to place several wagers;
  • When using a kiosk, you will have the same betting options you can find online in almost all cases;
  • They also pay out winnings, and this can be done through several funding methods;
  • The bets you place can subsequently be managed through your computer and/or mobile phone.

SG Digital

A prime example of a sports betting kiosk supplier is SG Digital, which allows bettors to sort their options by sport and search by player name and team.

There are three betting markets you can choose from, respectively totals, spread, and moneyline.

If you’re already a user, you’ll also have personalized selections that you can access using shortcuts.

Are mobile gambling apps a suitable alternative?

These casino sports betting options are not available in all US states, and even if they were, some users would still prefer to bet from the comfort of their own homes.

After testing out online casinos platforms from different devices, most bettors concluded that using sportsbook or casino mobile apps is the easiest way to place a wager.

Online sportsbooks are now the mainstream choice among bettors, so most people are familiar with them. For a complete perspective, let’s see how casino apps with sports betting services work:

Casino apps with sports betting services

  • If you already have an account, you don’t have to create another one to access its betting services;
  • To make sure your funds are not at risk, the operator must have at least one license from a reliable gambling authority. Designated lists created by third-party auditors can help you find the most secure casino apps in the market;
  • Since sports betting and online casinos aren’t yet legal in all US states, it’s best to check the regulations in your jurisdiction before installing such an app;
  • To get an idea of app performance, always check the rating, comments, and recent updates;
  • Online casinos don’t differ much regarding the bet types they allow, but the diversity of the sport varies widely. Check the available options before creating an account if this is relevant to you.


The gambling market is permanently evolving, and sports bettors may find it challenging to keep up with what they can do to maximize their enjoyment.

This short guide should help you gain clarity regarding the new possibilities at hand, which include betting on sports in land-based casinos.

Keep in mind that while this frequently happens in the US, bettors in countries such as Germany and Spain also use self-service terminals and designated sportsbook areas in land-based casinos.

Since there are dozens of markets where these services are provided, always remember to check the regulations of the country you’re in before betting!

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