Sweden’s Isaac Moore becoming serious NFL prospect after career at Temple University

Fifth-year senior offensive lineman and native of Örebro, Sweden, Isaac Moore, has just  wound up a stellar five-year run at Temple University (NCAA Division-I) in Philadelphia.

Over his time playing for the Owls, the 6’7″ 300-pound offensive tackle reached the benchmark of most consecutive games played in than any other Temple alumni before him. He will now hold the record having seen the field in 57 straight contests.

His career at Temple has not gone unnoticed by NFL teams it would seem.

As he told Jonnas Brännmyr, a reporter for NA, the local newspaper in Örebro, NFL teams are definitely showing interest:

“I have been interviewed by 12 NFL teams.”

His interest-catching performance is all the more noteworthy given the fact that Temple struggled  this season, finishing with a record of 3-7. This did not stop Moore from shining throughout the year. As the catalyst leader of the Owls offensive line, Moore would help pave the way for running back Edward Saydee who rushed for 639 yards in 2022 which included an incredible 265 yard rushing day against the University of South Florida.

Before embarking on the five-year legacy he left behind at Temple University, Moore was unsure of what the game of football would hold for him back home in Sweden.

Photo: Zamani Feelings

Like most of Europeans in his shoes, Moore picked up the game during the latter half of childhood at the age of 15 after a friend told him an under-15 football team needed “bigger players.” It only would take Isaac one practice to fall in love with football (American style) and the rest would be history. Just two years later he joined one of the top teams in Sweden, the Örebro Black Knights and found himself playing in the Swedish title game.

He wanted more though and decided to find his way into the college ranks. The move to US college football and ultimately to Temple was surprisingly straight forward as he explained to Europe’s Elite:

I sent a workout tape to them (Temple University), then I met with the coaches in person and got offered on the spot. I received my first scholarship offer from Towson University and that felt great to receive. It made me feel like all the early mornings and workouts have been worth it. But after I saw practice at Temple, that resonated with me and I knew I wanted to play here.”

While Moore may not have been playing for as long as most of the other draft prospects heading into the 2023 offseason, he definitely made up for it with his five-year tenure with the Owls.

Not only does Isaac possess the size and measurables to play offensive line in the NFL, but he also possesses a sneaky natural athleticism and knowledge of the game that could not only get him to the NFL but also give him the potential to thrive.

Isaac Moore may not be a name on every NFL team’s draft board but it is becoming more and more likely that you will see his name on an NFL roster come 2023 training camp.

Noah Costantino is a student and football player at Baldwin Wallace University in Cleveland, Ohio. Fueled by his love for the game he looks to continue his knowledge of football at an international level. He is majoring in Communications with a