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As awesome as it is to watch top NFL teams clash, there’s always one fundamental factor standing behind a great team – the coach. We’ve seen some formidable ones throughout NFL history, and we’d like to take the time to bring attention to these greats throughout this post.

Legends of Their Day

Don Shula

During his 33 year career, Don Shula posted an unmatched 347 wins – a record that nobody has even come close to in recent years. Besides this incredible record, it’s almost hard to know where to begin with what Shula managed to achieve in his time. He managed to complete a perfect season in 1972, meaning that his team didn’t lose a single game. This is another record that remains unmatched.

Don Shula is probably best known for his time as the coach of the Miami Dolphins. He managed to carry the Miami Dolphins to two Super Bowl victories, but even more remarkably, he had a losing season just twice in his career. To quickly do the math, this means Shula had a winning record for 31 years!

Shula sadly passed away in May 2020, but his legacy will live on for years.

Vince Lombardi

To understand just how large of a legend Lombardi is, you don’t need to look much beyond the Super Bowl trophy itself. The trophy is named after this great coach, and let us tell you, the Green Bay Packers certainly hit the jackpot when Lombardi took over in 1959. Lombardi coached the Packers until 1967, and he lifted the Super Bowl trophy with these guys on his first two attempts – pretty impressive!

More amazingly, Lombardi never had a losing season as an NFL head coach. He even had a 90% postseason win percentage, which is just absolutely insane, not to mention how clutch you have to be to achieve this. Apart from his obviously great record as a coach, Lombardi did an awful lot for gay football players, and he was very outspoken about equality for white and black players.

He is famous for saying that he never viewed his players as white or black, but rather he viewed them as ‘Packers Green’.

Bill Belichick

Bill Belichick, what an absolute living legend. He is the longest-serving coach in the NFL, the record holder for Super Bowl victories, and he is also the man who has managed to nurture a certain Tom Brady towards incredible success. Belichick and Brady combined have amassed the most wins of any other coach/player team for 50 years, which is pretty impressive indeed.

Belichick has managed to win six Super Bowls with the New England Patriots, and famously, motivated his team to come back and beat the Falcons in 2017. He has actually won the most playoff games in history with 31 wins, which would explain his success when it comes to the Super Bowl too.

Amazingly, Belichick is now 68 years old and he is still coaching the New England Patriots. This just goes to show, if you’ve got it, there is no limit to how long you can nurture the younger players and help them achieve such enormous success.

Bill Walsh

Here we have another Bill, this time in the form of Bill Walsh. Walsh is a three-time winner of the NFL Coach of the Year award, and he posted over 100 wins during his time as the head coach of the San Francisco 49ers. As it happens, Walsh’s 49ers were named the team of the decade for the 1980s, and he is hailed for being the innovator of what is now referred to as ‘The West Coast Offense’.

Bill Walsh managed to win the Super Bowl three times with the San Francisco 49ers, and he displayed how powerful a combination of player traits can be if used the right way. This was evident in the way that he played Joe Montana to perfection during this time, and this was a heavy contributor to the 49ers’ success.

Walsh is no longer with us, but many marvel at what this man was able to achieve through the Pro Football Hall of Fame, which he has entered into some time ago.