Unexpected Exits in the Lead up to the 2020 Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is coming up to its 54th birthday in 2020.

The championship, which will be held at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida, will decide the winner of the NFLs 100th season and we can safely say it has not been short of surprises. From teams who have stepped up to make it to the playoffs and those who dropped the ball and were cut early when fans expected them to make it all the way.

Despite popular teams not making the cut, the game will be one of the most watched events in the United States and popular around the world, with an estimated 98.2 million viewers each year and those searching the footyaccumulators can take a stab at who will take home the 2020 ring.

New England Patriots

The Patriots secured their sixth Superbowl win in 2019, tying them with the Steelers for the most wins in the history of the event. The team is one of the most successful in the NFL…

  • Never had a losing season since 2001
  • Holding the longest winning streak of 21 games in 2003/2004
  • Having 16 division titles
  • Participated in 9 Super Bowls (three in a row)
  • Participating in the AFC championships 8 years in a row

The team is seemingly unstoppable, but this season saw the ‘super-team’ bested by the Tennessee Titans before even making it to the playoffs, who are still in the running for this season’s title. What happened boys?

The New England team was a favourite to win the 100th NFL season and their exit has left. The win would have given the Patriots their second consecutive win, but sadly for the team, they will have to try again in 2021 and 2022.

Dallas Cowboys

Seemingly the most popular team in the NFL and tied 2nd most valuable sporting team in the world, it is safe to say there was considerable disappointment when the Cowboys failed to make it to the playoffs.

With 5 previous wins under their belt, it was assumed that they would make it further than they did, but having not won since 1996, could the team be declining? 31 playoff seasons and  22 division championships say otherwise.

Known as ‘America’s Team’, they left fans unexpectedly disappointed the Philadelphia Eagles stepped up and secured the spot in the playoffs for themselves. Their early exit was a surprise to the country, not just fans. But there is always 2021.

New York Giants

Another surprising early exit from the 2019/20 season. The Giants, who hold 4 previous Super Bowl championships in their history, were bested by the Green Bay Packers and lost their chance to steal the 2020 trophy and their 5th win.

The New York team has previously won 7 NFl championships and are the superior of the two state teams, with the New York Jets only winning 1 Super Bowl back in 1969. The team is not short of legends, past and present, allowing the team to maintain their large customer base and the hope to add more Super Bowl rings to their collection in the future, sadly 2020 is out of the running.

Pittsburgh Steelers 

Now tying with the Patriots for most Super Bowls won, the Steelers held the record with 6 victories up until 2019. Their season came to an end after a 10-28 loss against the Baltimore Ravens and eliminated the team from taking back the sole top spot for the record number of championships.

The Pittsburgh team is said to have the best set of linebackers in the NFL and recently has seen them play a dominant role in the Steelers success, making their exit such a surprise.

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