Uruguay’s LUFA Announce 2015 Draft and Clubs

Liga Uruguaya de Football Americano (Uruguayan League of American Football in English) announced through its official Facebook page the release of the draft and 2015 season.

Each team will select from a roster of prospective players and free agency, who were preparing for training clinics in recent months.

The draft is scheduled for this Thursday, April 16th, at 8p.m. ET, in the Circus, in Montevideo.

Four of the five teams are eligible to select athletes in the draft: Emperadores, Spartans, Golden Bulls and Barbarians. Cuervos will not participate in this edition.

The president of the LUFA, Walter Hernandez explains the exclusion of Cuervos.

“Cuervos did not have the minimum amount of players to participate in the draft and the Uruguayan Championship Season 2015”.

The fact of the Uruguayans  lack of players crisis made the team of Cuervos to fall apart. According to Hernandez, each team must have at least 20 players to be able to register for the draft and participate in the national championship.

For draft there are 25 prospects that are available to be selected.

Rookies are trying to get a pick in Draft

Rookies show their skills in scouting combine at Rambla Punta Carretas, Montevideo

LUFA Draft Eligible Players

OL/DL Juan Gebelin
OL/DL Ezequiel Silvera
OL/DL Sebastian Andreoli
OL/DL Daniel Mosco
OL/DL Matias Moreira
OL/DL Pablo Mokarm
OL/DL Pablo Flores
OL/DL Martin Perez
OL/DL Rodrigo ramos
OL/DL Gonzalo Pasicnjek
OL/DL Jorge Molinari
OL/DL Fabian Rodriguez
RB/LB Fernando Larrica
RB/LB Gerardo Chiribao
RB/LB Agustin Dominguez
RB/LB Martin Candido
RB/LB Daniel Salazar
WR/CB Agustin Ibarra
WR/CB/FS Rodrigo Garcia
WR/QB/CB Gaston Zanellato
WR/QB/CB Jean Abreu
WR/CB Gaston Acosta
WR/CB Marcos Pereira
QB Francisco Pastorini
QB Martin Bertiz

About Uruguayan Championship

Uruguayan Championship is divided into two parts: Apertura (Opening Season) and Clausura (Closing Season). The Apertura is a kind of first regular season, and Clausura a second regular season in same year. If a team wins Apertura and Clausura also, it’s considered Uruguayan Champion, but if champion of Apertura isn’t same of Clausura, these two teams make a Uruguayan Championship Final.

LUFA offers three dates for the preseason teams: April 4th and May 2nd and 9th. The Torneo Apertura begins on May 16th. Each team will play with all rivals in games of home and trip. Top two teams make the final.

After Apertura final all teams go into a recess of a month. LUFA has not yet determined the starting date of the Clausura. The idea is to start in August.

The Teams

Club City Facebook
Barbarians Barbarians Montevideo Barbarians Football Americano
Cuervos Cuervos Montevideo Cuervos Futbol Americano
emperadores Emperadores Montevideo Emperadores Football Uruguay
golden Bulls Golden Bulls Montevideo Golden Bulls Uruguay
Spartans Spartans Montevideo Spartans Football Americano

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