Video: Rating the Hamburg Sea Devils class of 2024 imports

The Hamburg Sea Devils had a difficult European League of Football off-season from many people’s perspective. They lost some key pieces, so going into the latter part of the year they were under a large microscope for how they would retool. They went some more traditional routes but added some unorthodox moves too.

As per usual, the Americans are the first to be noted. Lee Pitts and Caleb Mills will start in two of the defensive back positions. Mills is a 6’5 safety who touched the NFL, formerly of New Mexico State University, he is a long, aggressive player but lacks top speed so it will be an interesting role in the team. Pitts is also an interesting case, excellent in a three-game stretch for the Wroclaw Panthers before an injury finished his season.

Three picks in two games, but on the worst teams so he will be watched closely this season. Jarvis McClam returns to the ELF as one of the best receivers last season during his tenure with the Raiders Tirol and is likely seeking the All-Star praise he deserves.

Jarvis McClam will be a huge threat for the Sea Devils. Photo: Raiders Tirol

His quarterback is GFL stand-out Javarian Smith. Smith is a dual-threat signal caller with a big arm. The questions are, can he still dominate in the ELF, and can he use his short and intermediate passing to get Jarvis the ball?

Hamburg has gone for a mix in the E spot. Three of the earth’s continents have been represented on this team. Austin Igba Ujene is an African German guard who will be representing Nigeria through his spot. He will mostly see success in the run blocking. Zaire Ugapo, the pass rusher from the Prague Lions, has made the move to the Sea Devils. He isn’t the lone pass rusher on the roster with the signing of Michael Keshniro. Keshniro joins from a successful season in Marburg where he got seven sacks. His bend and length will be a big addition to the pass rush of this team.

LB Toby Naylor #4 came out of the Bristol Academy

Two more British athletes will join him on the team. Toby Naylor, the division three stand-out linebacker, will anchor the middle of the field while Deon Mutsvanemoto will be another guard who can affect the run.

Theodor Landström is going to be a big problem as the number two receiver. He’s a premier European deep-threat receiver who will add to the weapons on Smith’s list.