Who are Genius Sports and what is live data?

Genius Sports is a technology and data company that provides services to other businesses, typically media companies, sports leagues, broadcasters, and bookmakers. Their in-house team of tech experts and data analysts work to provide a wide range of products and bespoke services to vendors. They currently work with big gambling groups, such as MGM and Entain – to provide live NFL data and streamed content as part of the two companies’ joint sportsbook venture BetMGM.

Expanding partnerships

The latest news from Genius Sport is that it will be continuing and expanding its current partnership with arguably the most prominent gambling groups on either side of the Atlantic. The new deal will focus on NFL live data and streaming to enhance the user experience of BetMGM.

The supply of NFL data and fan engagement solutions will help these major betting brands to offer more opportunities and content to bettors. It will advance new customer acquisition journeys where attention to detail can lead to improved in-play betting within the different NFL betting markets.

It’s an exciting and eager time to develop products and services within the US’s sports betting market. The gambling industry has only recently permitted sports betting by granting jurisdiction over its legality – and the extent of its legitimacy – to individual states. Thus, the partnership between Genius Sports, MGM and Entain comes at a pivotal time in the greater picture of things, which could catapult BetMGM as a leading market sportsbook – if not the very best.

What is live data?

Live data is exactly how it sounds. It comprises data that is fed to a business in real-time. So, when Genius Sports provides live data to bookmakers, they can use this information to offer in-play betting. In-play sports betting is one of the most popular aspects of sportsbook markets and drives lots of engagement among sports fans. It will lead to increased satisfaction from sportsbooks users and position BetMGM to provide exceptional and spearheading services.

Genius Sports can provide different types of live data to offer in-play betting and increase the capacity of in-play markets possible, granting Entain and MGM customers a more comprehensive sportsbook service compared to competitors in the UK and the US.

Back in August, BetMGM was chosen to become an NFL approved operator of sports betting. This makes the partnership between Genius Sports to provide real-time NFL data to Entain and MGM even more apt. The number of NFL fans that will gravitate towards BetMGM due to its affiliated status with the league itself will gear the sportsbook for success. But it should also be noted that the real-time data and other content from Genius Sports will also be used across different companies and platforms owned by Entain and MGM, including Entain’s various UK bookmakers and operators.

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