Work on speed training this offseason, not just strength

During the offseason, football players work on a variety of skills to improve their game. For athletes whose performance revolves around speed, speed and agility training is crucial.

Here’s what you need to know about speed training.There’s speed strength, which is applying maximum force at high velocities, such as a power clean or snatch. And there’s speed conditioning, being able to maintain running speed for about seven seconds or longer.

Both types of speed training can benefit athletes of all experience levels since being able to accelerate quickly then slow down correctly helps prevent injury.

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Not to mention, speed gives athletes a critical advantage over the competition. The moves are specific to building speed, and it works.


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Speed training for football is just as important as traditional weightlifting. The best players are more likely to outperform their peers over 10 and 40 yards then they are in the squat or bench press. You could say that speed separates the outstanding from the very good. But you certainly don’t have to be the fastest to perform at your best.
The average distance a football player covers in most plays is 15 to 20 yards, less for a lineman. Unlike an Olympic sprinter, football players rarely, if ever,reach top speed. On the whole, the quickest player over 15 to 20 yards will be the one who can accelerate the most rapidly.

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Straight away then, that should tell you something about speed training for football. Running lots of 100-yard sprints is not an effective method of training. Instead, spend your time on drills that increase acceleration and speed off the mark.

In order to maintain speed or improve your speed effectively, drills are extremely valuable – not just in closing on opponents but with route running and blocking. These drills should make a great addition to your offseason workouts.


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