ELF: 2023 Rhein Fire – A Complete Roster Breakdown

The Rhein Fire have all but finalized their roster for the 2023 European League of Football season.  Here is a breakdown of their talented squad.

The roster features a total of 62 players, including four Americans and a few players from various European countries outside of Germany.  Jim Tomsula, former 49ers head coach, will be leading the team into the new season.

The team’s quarterback is Jadrian Clark, an American who has plenty of experience playing around Europe and in the ELF.  He spent the 2021 season with the Hamburg Sea Devils, who he led to an appearance in the championship game.  He signed with the Fire midway through the 2022 season and played well for them, which earned him another go-around with the team in 2023.

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QB Jadrian Clark #18 getting set to throw at training camp Photo: Sarah Phillip

The Fire’s big offseason addition was British running back Glen Toonga, who dominated the league with Hamburg last season with 1,468 rushing yards and 21 rushing touchdowns.  Receiving options include wideouts Nathaniel Robitaille, Harlan Kwofie, and new addition Anthony Mahoungou, as well as tight end Florian Eichorn.  Offensive line standouts include 2022 all stars Sven Breidenbach and Joachim Christensen, who came over from the Frankfurt Galaxy.

On defense, American Omari Williams returns at safety after being named to the league’s all star team last season.  Another American import, TJ Morrison, joins Williams in the secondary this season.  Up front, the team made a huge splash in signing Spanish defensive lineman Alejandro Fernandez away from Barcelona Dragons.  Still very young at 22, he finished last season with 15.5 sacks and 7 forced fumbles in 12 games.



  • Jadrian Clark – USA
  • Rohat Dagdelen – Germany
  • Jan Leuker – Germany
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RB Sergej Kendus #6 at training camp Photo: Sarah Phillip

Running Backs

  • Glen Toonga – UK
  • Sergej Kendus – Germany
  • Giacomo De Pauli – Germany
  • Daniel Rennich – Germany
  • TJ Alexander – Germany
  • Noah Kolling – Germany
  • Tobias Reglinski – Germany
  • Patrick Poetsch – France

Wide Receivers

  • Anthony Mahoungou – France
  • Justin Schlesinger – Germany
  • Harlan Kwofie – Germany
  • Jannik Lorcks – Germany
  • Achim Bah – Germany
  • Leon Holtker – Germany
  • Noah Gehring – Germany
  • Leon Kusterer – Germany
  • Nathaniel Robitaille – USA

Tight Ends

  • Laurin Wiegand – Germany
  • Florian Eichhorn – Germany
  • Marvin Pludra – Germany
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OL Jan-Hendrik Koch #74 Photo: Sarah Phillip

Offensive Line

  • Marius Mohr – Germany
  • Arnoud Holierhoek – Netherlands
  • Nick Wiens – Germany
  • Leander Wiegand – Germany
  • Jan-Hendrik Koch – Germany
  • Joachim Christensen – Denmark
  • Jonathan Peppler – Germany
  • Sven Breidenbach – Germany
  • Yasir Raji – Denmark
  • Bemigho Eyimofe – Germany
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Photo: Sarah Phillip

Defensive Line

  • Alejandro Fernandez – Spain
  • Remy Feltes – Germany
  • Eric Adam – Germany
  • Julian Volker – Germany
  • Justus Sleiman – Germany
  • Samuel Kargel – Germany
  • Jason Chikere – Germany
  • Shamgar Owusu-Ankomah – Germany


  • Flamur Simon – Germany
  • Alexander Sobotta – Germany
  • Marius Kensy – Germany
  • Martin Pinter – Germany
  • Maximilian Schmidt – Germany
  • Jan Fiedler – Germany

Defensive Backs

  • Omari Williams – USA
  • Jannik Seibel – Germany
  • Benjamin Barnes – Germany
  • Till Janssen – Germany
  • Richard Grooten – Germany
  • Rene Hanssen – Germany
  • TJ Morrison – USA
  • Lasse Meyer – Germany
  • Max Richter – Germany


  • Sebastian Van Santen – Germany


  • Maximilian Eisenhut – Germany

The Fire kick off their 2023 season when they host the Frankfurt Galaxy on June 4th.

A current student at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Carter played football in high school and has been a lifelong avid football fan.