France, Austria “return” to IFAF

According to the Danish American Football Federation website, the International Federation of American Football (New York) – IFAF (NY) – has apparently “reinstated” the French Federation of American Football (FFFA) and the Austrian Football Federation (AFBÖ).

France was a supporter of the IFAF Paris group and Austria remained neutral while participating in competitions such as the IFAF (Paris) Europe Under19 championship in 2017.

The French federation issued a statement in early January of this year announcing that Michel Daum, as well as treasurer Frank Lacuisse, had resigned. Daum was a staunch supporter of IFAF Paris.

If this development is the case, the IFAF (NY) European championship tournament scheduled for July 28 – August 5, 2018 would possibly be expanded from four to six teams. Previously, Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Great Britain were slated to face each other.

This would also free up the French and Austrian club teams to play teams from the Nordic nations (including Norway) as well as Great Britain.

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