Spain’s Valencia Firebats Lead the Way at LNFA Halfway Point

[tps_title]2015 Spanish Mid-season Review[/tps_title]

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Valencia Firebats

The Valencia Firebats’ first 5 – 0 start in club history has them sitting squarely in first place.

The offense, led by Chris Debowski’s league leading 18 touchdown passes, has a 43.8 points per game average, top in the LNFA Series A. The potent offense, coupled with a run stop defense few teams have been able to best, has led to teams having to attack through the air, allowing Nayim Chaib to capitalize and lead the league with seven interceptions, including two for touchdowns.

As the Firebats begin the second half of the season, they find themselves in a position where two wins will clench a playoff berth, three would guarantee home field in the semis, and four secures them home field for the finals, regardless of what happens elsewhere in the league.

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Gavin coached for 5 years in the NCAA before coming to Europe in 2013. Gavin is currently the Special Teams Coordinator and defensive back coach at for the Tychy Falcons who play in Poland's Topliga.