Spain’s Valencia Firebats Lead the Way at LNFA Halfway Point

[tps_title]2015 Spanish Mid-season Review[/tps_title]

If the fifth week of the Liga Nacional de Futbol Americano (LNFA) Series A’s season is any indication of what is to come, be ready for a wild unpredictable ride. The final week of the first half of the season was set to solidify the standings, but it did anything but that. In fact it muddied the playoff picture, and showed that the two teams, currently, out of the hunt still have not given up.

Saturday, in the LNFA game of the week, the Badalona Dracs (3-2) were in the suburbs of Madrid planning to solidify their standing as the second best team in Series A, but the, then, third place Osos Rivas (3-2) were fighting to ensure they stayed in the playoff conversation. A task they accomplished with a 17-14 victory, at home, which garnered them a tie for second place with the Dracs.

Meanwhile, in Valencia, the first place Valencia Firebats (5-0) have to overcome two separate two touchdown deficits (14-0 & 21-8) to head into the locker room up by one point (22-21) over the fifth place L’Hospitalet Pioners (1-4). The Firebats were able to regroup at halftime, and despite the Pioners coming out of the locker room just as aggressive, the Firebats were able to maintain their undefeated record with a 44-28 victory.

Sunday’s game seemed like an easy path for the, host, Valencia Giants (3-2) to enter into a three way tie for second place, with a victory over sixth place Mallorca Voltors (0-5), but after the first half that victory was anything but guaranteed. Heading into the locker room the Giants found themselves still in a game, ahead only up by 13. Much like Saturday’s game in Valencia, the second half was much better for the home team. The halftime adjustments made by the Giants, coupled with the lack of depth on the Voltors’ sideline, ensured a 47-0 victory for the home team.

Full results and schedules can be found at the Federación Española de Fútbol Americano (FEFA) site.

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